Monday, July 10, 2017

CII’s 13th India Innovation Summit in Bengaluru from July 13-14, 2017

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) announced its 13th India Innovation Summit with the theme, ‘The New Wealth of Nations – Innovation and Intellectual capital’ in the city today. The two-day summit, on July 13 and 14 will cover subjects such as, Teens as Innovators to disrupt the existing businesses, Rise of Machines and Future of Human Labour, India’s digital transformation into a cashless economy, the great expectations on the e-commerce industry – scaling the consumption economy, the role of society and culture on innovation, the rise of personalized/ precision medicine, the role of technology in continuing education, and intellectual property rights and the scope of innovation as a new state diplomacy.
n the current times of geopolitical re-balancing, innovation-led businesses became the prime driver of differentiation between the developed and developing nations. The asset-driven and regulation-based industries of the past era are giving into the innovation-centric and open market, digital businesses.
Addressing the gathering Kris Gopalakrishnan, Chairman, India Innovation Summit said, “in the new world order, innovation shall be the most important factor defining the growth of development. India, as a society, should embrace the change that innovation, across all the spheres, brings in. It’s time we relooked at the conventional definition of wealth. Innovation and Intellectual property, he firmly believes, shall be the new wealth of the nations.”
“CII has seen working on a multi-point agenda to include the larger society for inclusive growth.” Kamal Bali, Chairman, CII Karnataka added, and thanked the government for being a wonderful partner in translating it into action. “The state council achieves the goal of helping the industry, particularly, MSMEs to help cope with the changes in the business landscape and help job creation led by innovation.”
Detailing the event, Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi, Co-founder, Crayon Data elucidated, “India Innovation Summit has been growing from strength to strength. We started off with covering innovation that was done in larger corporates. We moved towards the spirit of entrepreneurship, which are, more often than not, orthogonal in nature. This year, we have come up with the third dimension. It is perhaps the result of the first two. Our theme captures the larger picture that is true of every nation: innovation and intellectual property determine the wealth of a nation. In a digitally connected age, it’s all about leveraging the social capital through technology to our best advantage. It means learning the new and unlearning the obsolete. The panels are a good mix of the industry veterans and the technology natives and entrepreneurs. The structure of the program and each element has been carefully crafted to capture the transition. We only hope the leaders shall closely guide the new-age, young innovators, with deep commitment and utmost care. As though one handles a teenager who is a digital native. India Innovation Summit is 13, by the way, he reflected.”
Highlighting the CII-3M challenge, Debarati Sen, Managing Director, 3M India Limited said, “India has emerged as a hub for innovations and houses the largest population of youth in the world. Identifying the vast scope and talent that exists in the country, 3M India, in collaboration with the CII, instituted the Young Innovators Challenge Award in 2014 with a vision to create a forum to recognize innovative ideas with a social relevance. The award also offers a level playing field to young innovators across a wide spectrum, from the top institutes in the country to the grassroots, to compete for recognition & support that can give impetus to their ideas to become an established initiative. This nationwide search culminates with the winners of the challenge being felicitated by 3M India and CII leadership at the CII India Innovation Summit.”
To complement and augment the conference themes, there will be an exhibition that will provide an experiential understanding of the real-world tools of the new wealth paradigm. The pavilions will cover the spectrum of innovation by the Indian industry, representing the macro and micro level of the nation’s spirit, creativity and entrepreneurial zeal in a showcase.

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