Saturday, May 6, 2017

Missouri State University Announces Scholarships and Tailor-Made Courses for Indian Students

Missouri State University has announced special scholarships for Indian students. During his visit to India Colonel Stephen Robinette Associate Vice President, International Studies, MSU, USA, made a number of important announcements for Indian Students. Colonel Robinette also discussed some issues viz. US Immigration rules, safety and security of Indian students in Missouri State University.

The University has announced “International Excellence Scholarship” of $5000 each, per year for Indian Students. Students with animating skills and disciplined approach towards learning can avail this scholarship throughout their duration of study in Missouri State University. The “International Excellence Scholarship” will help students to overcome the financial strain while studying in the US. Explaining the same Col. Robinette, Associate Vice President, International Students, MSU said, “MSU has notlimited ‘International Excellence Scholarship’ to any numbers and offers the same scheme to all eligible candidates. We believe that it will be unjustified to restrict scholars in numbers. One, who has merit and is eligible, will keep getting it like earlier.”

Colonel Robinette while addressing the immigration issues of Indian students said, “We have welcomed Indian students for over ten years and will continue to do so with the same zeal and enthusiasm.” Our Sub continent office, based out of the National Capital Region, is continuously in touch with all aspiring students and their parents to give proper and thorough counselling, direct or via the approved education agents. The office provides guidance support in terms of applying for a visa and the interview, thereafter.

Missouri State University is a diverse university which has maintained a global focus for more than 25 years. Missouri State University is predominantly announcing courses which are tailor-made for Indian Students. For instance, MSU has introduced a new course, Master of Science in Computer Science for Indian Students. Post the paper of New Immigration Rule was signed by President Trump Indian students are apprehensive to study in US universities. Thus, the university has announced Computer Science course to ease out situation for Indian Students. Degree in Computer Science and STEM from US University allows students to work 3 years without work Visa in the USA. 

Talking about the safety and security of Indian Students Col. Robinette said,“Our campuses are patrolled 24/7 and there are support groups for students that require extra attention. In view of the recent unfortunate events, we have tightened our security even further. We have a zero tolerance policy for any sort of racism or discrimination. Our students can freely approach the International student services for any sort of support they may require.”

About Missouri State University: Missouri State University, Missouri, USA established in the year 1905, is the second-largest university in Missouri with over 23,000 students currently studying out of which 1,800 are international students representing over 85 countries. The Princeton University reviewed it as ‘The Best in the Midwest distinction’. MSU has a world-class faculty with over 90% faculty holding a terminal degree in their field of study. The university comprises a school of agriculture, a graduate college and six academic colleges namely, College of Arts & Letters, College of Business, College of Health & Human Services, College of Humanities & Public Affair, College of Natural and  Applied Sciences and College of Education. MSU provides state-of-the-art facility for its students which include on-campus residence halls and dining centres, a student union, a world-class library, a brand new recreational centre and dedicated academic facilities. Both on-campus and off-campus housing facilities are available at MSU.

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