Friday, April 15, 2016

PM Modi’s E-Mandi Drives Farmers to Sell Produce Online, Bypass Touts

PM Modi launched an electronic mandi to help farmers sell their produce online and do away with the problems many farmers face in agricultural markets. 21 mandies from 8 states connected with the platform.

Getting the right price for their hard work and produce has always been a challenge for farmers in the country. 

In order to deal with this long standing issue, PM Modi on Thursday, on the occasion of Babasaheb Ambedkar's birth anniversary, launched the National Agriculture Market for farmers. 

Connecting 21 Agriculture Mandis from 8 states on an e-platform, PM Modi termed it a very important step for the welfare of the farmers.

Through the e-trading portal farmers will be able to sell their produce at the right price.

That is to say, farmers will be able to sell their produce online. 

With the help of this initiative, 25 types of crops including wheat, rice, mustard and some vegetables could be sold online.

This will empower farmers to decide the price of their produce and traders across the country can buy them online.

In the first phase, this farmer-friendly initiative will kick-start in states like Haryana, UP, MP, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh and Telangana.

PM Modi assured that soon mandis from across the country will be connected to e-platform. The government believes that with this initiative, farmers will be able to get the right price for their produce.

The cost and wastage involved in carrying the produce to the mandi will reduce.

The consumers will also get quality agriculture products at cheaper rates.

PM Modi also spoke with farmers from mandis of various states on the occasion. 

Modi government at the centre have made it clear from the beginning that welfare of farmers is their priority. 

They have taken a number of steps to improve the condition of the farmers. 

The online portal of National Agriculture Market is one giant step in the same direction.

Let us hope that the step not only changes the destiny of farmers in the country but also helps realize the govt's aim of doubling their salary.

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