Thursday, July 27, 2023

Entering The Kindness Era – Bumble Reveals How Bengalureans Are Redefining Kindness In Dating And Relationships

* New study* shows 65% of single Bengalureans say they are redefining kindness by being more grateful and expressing gratitude, followed by standing up for others (54%)

When it comes to dating and relationships, there has been a significant change in how people perceive what makes someone desirable and attractive. It's not just about saying the right words anymore. Single Bengalureans are taking it up a notch by redefining kindness in relationships. Bumble’s recent survey revealed that 65% of Bengaluru respondents say they are redefining kindness by being more grateful and expressing gratitude while 54% of Bengalureans say they are standing up for others as a way to show their kindness. 51% of Bengaluru respondents say they are redefining kindness by practising seeing things through other people's eyes and perspectives.

While being nice has to do with being polite or pleasant to others, kindness takes it a step further, describing someone who acts in the interest of others, respects vulnerability, empathy, and compassion.

What are the top defining qualities that Indians look for in a partner?

According to Bumble’s recent survey, an overwhelming majority (90%) of people in Bengaluru are looking for  honesty, emotional availability (75%), empathy and compassion (72%), giving compliments (52%) and generosity (54%).

Speaking on how kindness matters in relationships, Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director, Bumble shares, “At Bumble, our mission is to foster kind connections. Kindness goes beyond just being nice and material gestures and we are so happy to see daters in India are redefining kindness in relationships in so many ways! In fact, per our latest study,  37% of Bengaluru respondents are looking for more than the bare minimum.

We believe that leading with kindness results in more equitable and healthy relationships. So next time you’re on Bumble, make sure to put kindness first. You can also use Bumble’s Compliments feature to bring a smile to someone’s face—or just keep honesty, empathy, and equality in mind. We hope that you find the kind and meaningful connection you deserve!”

Bumble’s new campaign, titled Kindness is Sexy, featuring new content with actor Aditya Roy Kapoor, comes at a time when singles in India are more focused on kindness as a key element of their dating decisions. To highlight that kindness matters on Bumble, the app recently rolled out Compliments, a message before match feature that allows Bumble’s community to be even more intentional about starting the conversation in a positive way.

*All data is based on a survey conducted by Censuswide and commissioned by Bumble of 2000 Indian respondents 18+ in June 2023.

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