Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Vedantu Largest LIVE Online Learning Platform in K-12 Education


* 6.5 Lac new subscribers added
* 1 million students attended LIVE Online Classes on Vedantu’s platform
* Watchtime of 1 Billion minutes across platform & channels
* Highest Revenue Growth of 80%

Vedantu, a pioneer in LIVE online  learning has witnessed a major surge after it announced support to students with free access to its complete learning platform during Covid-19 lockdown.  Owing to the temporary pause in learning across schools, tuition & coaching centers, students have extensively adopted LIVE online classes of Vedantu. The interaction with Master Teachers, Study Material, Tests & Assignments, LIVE Doubts feature has seen a massive increase during this outbreak as students continue learning from the safe confines of their homes.  The learning & teaching methods are changing drastically during Covid-19 period. While the entire EdTech industry is witnessing a shift, the number of subscribers on Vedantu’s platform has grown exponentially to 6,50,000 additional learners across K-12 & Competitive Exams such as JEE & NEET.

Driving Impact at Scale is Vedantu’s singular vision as a pioneer of LIVE Online learning and a testimony of this is 1 Million students that attended LIVE classes on Vedantu’s patented platform WAVE post the lockdown in the country.

Students learn best when their brains are challenged in a peer learning environment. Wave is India’s first and only patented, revolutionary, interactive LIVE online learning platform by Vedantu. It is designed with interaction of students’ in mind. The platform enables the teachers to run Live Quizzes, Leaderboards, Hotspots in a gamified manner.

During this Covid-19 period, Vedantu has crossed a watch time of 1 Billion Minutes across its platform & channels

Vedantu’s delivery of best quality education with India’s best teachers, its patented WAVE platform along with the comfort, safety and flexibility has resulted in such strong numbers. And as per a recent survey conducted on its platform, Students find LIVE Interactive classes more engaging, convenient and a better way of learning than offline classes.

Vedantu’s collections and revenue grew by 80% over the previous month, achieving the highest growth over the collective last 2.5 years.

“We will continue to provide free access to our platform to support students across the country ensuring uninterrupted & uncompromised learning, from the safety of their homes. Staying true to our vision, we’ll continue to invest in providing the best in class holistic learning experience & learning outcome for every child” said, Vamsi Krishna, Co-founder and CEO, Vedantu

Vedantu's LIVE classes and the entire program can be easily accessed at home from your Mobile, Desktop & Tabs.

About Vedantu:
Vedantu is a LIVE interactive online learning platform for students. It offers individual and group classes delivered by experienced teachers in a LIVE real-time, virtual learning environment. Students also access content, take assessments and get their learning reports on the platform. 150,000 students study LIVE every month on the platform and more than 25 Million users every month from 1000+ cities and 40+ countries access free content, tests, doubts, videos on Vedantu’s platform and its channels on YouTube. To know more about Vedantu log on to https://www.vedantu.com or download the Application on your Android or iOS device.

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