Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Pesto Tech Launches Pesto Remote - Democratises Learning for Working Professionals


* The programme runs for 16 weeks and requires two years of relevant work experience in software engineering
* Developed following the success of Pesto’s Residency programme, to scale its offerings on a pan-India level
* Designed to teach advanced coding skills in conjunction with soft and people skills and leadership attributes
* No upfront charges for the programme. Instead, candidates pay a percentage of their future income only after making more than 1.5x to 2x their current income

Pesto Tech, the homegrown edu-tech company redefining Indian engineering careers, today announced the launch of Pesto Remote, the online version of their pioneering upskilling programme. Through this addition to its academic repertoire, Pesto will now provide its next-level learning, development, and skills solutions to candidates across the country from the convenience of their homes. The newly launched program is another step towards Pesto mission of enabling global pay parity and borderless opportunities for Indian engineers.

Pesto operates on a unique Income Sharing Agreement model (ISA) and charges a zero fee upfront. Once a student has completed the programme and embarked upon a career of their choosing, they pay 17 percent of their monthly income for a maximum period of 36 months. Thus far, more than 1.1 lakh developers signed up on the platform for its Residency and Pro programmes from across India, with only 123 engineers making the cut. Graduates have gone on to secure jobs with top tech startups including Rippling, Swiggy, and many other YC companies, with the average salary being north of 30 lakhs. Pesto’s residency program gives it’s students an average 5x increase in their salaries with pay packages going as high as 65 lakhs per annum.

Pesto Remote has been co-created by the Pesto team and its graduates as well as with feedback from the engineering community. The aim was to create a program that not only addresses the challenges for Indian engineers but develop a customised learning experience aligned to their convenience. This has been an endeavour in line with Pesto’s mission to break boundaries and open the opportunities the program offers to everyone.

“Pesto was founded for one purpose – upskilling India’s five million software engineers and giving them access to borderless job opportunities. The launch of Pesto Remote has taken us a step closer to that goal. Through this programme, we’re excited at the chance to connect with talent across India, and help an even wider swathe of the engineering community fully realise and utilise their innate potential,” said Ayush Jaiswal, Co-Founder and joint CEO of Pesto Tech, at the launch.

So far under the confines of the residency program, Pesto grads had to leave their jobs and move to Pesto training centres for a 12-week intensive training limiting the scale of each batch and the access for engineers pan India. Pesto Remote solves for this by expanding Pesto’s offering for the engineers across the country further incentivises candidates by removing the need to travel to Pesto's training hub in New Delhi. This allows working professionals the opportunity to participate at zero opportunity cost, offering a true democratisation of the system. The programme will run for 16 weeks and will be delivered via a mix of live classes and self-paced learning modules with group discussions and personalised mentoring. The first batch is scheduled to begin on the 29th of February, 2020. Open to software engineers with over two years of relevant experience, the course is divided into two core sections:

Weeks 1 to 6 consist of Advanced Web Engineering and will cover topics such as Javascript, git, functional programming, test-driven development, continuous dev and integration, accessibility, and clean code, among others

Weeks 7 to 16 will serve as a Deep Dive into Advanced JavaScript, React, Node, Mongo, and Redux Independent. This section will bring candidates on par with international standards

Additionally, the programme offers optional modules on Open Source Apprenticeship and Live Product Development to eligible candidates. These will allow students the opportunity to practice their skills and work alongside domain experts on live projects. By engaging online through a combination of live lectures, group discussions, and practical assignments designed and prepared by Pesto’s faculty, participants will learn to develop and showcase their talent as world-class full-stack engineers.

Founded in 2018, Pesto Tech is an intensive training program dedicated to empowering India’s top software engineers and giving them access to borderless job opportunities. What Pesto offers is a 12-week program enabling young engineers with a lifelong upskilling strategy and a strong community of alumni. They train experienced software engineers by connecting them to mentors from renowned brands from India and the US. It helps software engineers in India break into international tech careers via full-time remote jobs resulting in a career leap worthy of their skills and qualifications. 

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