Monday, April 22, 2024

Nitin Seth Releases Another 'Best-Seller' Mastering The Data Paradox: Key To Winning In The AI Age

By Manu Sharma

In the digital age, data and artificial intelligence (AI) have emerged as the twin engines powering technological innovation and transformation across industries. The unprecedented growth of data, coupled with advances in AI, has paved the way for groundbreaking developments that touch every aspect of our lives. Infact, by 2025, a staggering 30 percent of all data generated will be in real-time. In this context, Nitin Seth, an Indian tech entrepreneur and author launched his book - Mastering The Data Paradox The Key To Winning In The AI Age.

On April 20, renowned technology entrepreneur, thought leader and best-selling author Nitin Seth announced the release of his latest book, "Mastering the Data Paradox," published by Penguin Random House India. The book unveiling event featured an esteemed panel of industry luminaries at the Leela Palace in Bangalore.

Unlock the Power of AI, dives into the complexities of data with industry luminaries and discover transformative insights for success in the digital age.

There are two remarkable phenomena that are unfolding almost simultaneously. The first is the emergence of a data-first world, where data has become a central driving force, shaping industries and fueling innovation. The second is the dawn of the AI age, propelled by the advent of Generative AI, that has created the possibility to leverage the data of the world for the first time. The convergence of these two, with data as the common denominator, holds immense promise and the opportunities are boundless.

This book provides us with opportunities to push our thinking, to innovate, to transform and to create a better future at all levels—individual, enterprise and the world.

Nitin Seth, the Co-founder and CEO of Incedo Inc, previously served as Flipkart's Chief Operating Officer (COO), Managing Director and Country Head for Fidelity International in India and Director of McKinsey’s Global Knowledge Centre in India. He is also the bestselling author of "Winning in the Digital Age," which won 5 Best Business Book Awards globally.

In "Mastering the Data Paradox," Seth draws from his extensive three decades of career leading transformative initiatives in business, digital, data, and AI for global organisations. The book is a comprehensive, yet simple and actionable guide aimed at helping individuals and enterprises unlock the true potential of AI by leveraging the transformative power of data.

The book delves into the many paradoxes of data - its potential for positive impact versus its overwhelming complexity. Seth advocates that mastering the data paradox is necessary and he attempts to answer key questions such as why and how AI powered by data can create transformational value for enterprises and individuals, how individuals and enterprises can effectively deal with data paradoxes to unlock the transformational value of data and AI, and what principles we can learn from life and apply to data, and vice versa, as we navigate the new world of data-enriched lives.

In the book, Seth also talks about how important it is to understand data in today's world of AI and digital growth.

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