Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Managed Farmland Startup -Aranyakaa Delivers Ten Expansive Projects In A Short Span Of 3 Years

Aranyakaa Farms has ascended to remarkable heights in less than 3 yrs, venturing into managed farmland industry with a vision of crafting sustainable residential retreats away from the urban clamor. Having successfully completed nine projects in a short period and with the 10th nearing completion, the startup expects to attract an additional 250 crores in investments over the next two years. These funds will primarily focus on expanding the land bank, developing land, and boosting agricultural operations. Since its inception, Aranyakaa Farms has experienced significant land appreciation and exhibited robust financial results, establishing itself as a leader in the farmland realty industry. The company has successfully managed transactions involving 600 acres of meticulously maintained farmland, achieving considerable growth and delivering land appreciation rates of 50-75% across all its projects.

Aranyakaa has been dedicated to identifying and revitalizing uncultivated land into prime agricultural assets, carefully selecting sites known for their natural beauty and integrating traditional farming with advanced agricultural technologies. The company employs innovative water harvesting techniques to create fertile lands that support biodiversity and utilizes cutting-edge surveillance technology, including CCTV and IoT devices, to offer clients real-time farm data directly on their mobile devices.

Their forthcoming tenth endeavour, nearing completion, encompasses a sprawling 61-acre initiative in Berigai, Sarjapur. This ambitious project encompasses multifaceted initiatives such as water conservation, establishing a food forest, adopting permaculture principles, and introducing animal husbandry practices. The upcoming project will also include key features like the construction of around 200 interconnected water ponds and a 3-acre man-made lake to harvest rainwater for sustainable long-term use.

"At Aranyakaa Farms, we prioritize actions that ensure a comfortable life for present and future generations," said Mr. Amit Porwal, Director, Aranyakaa Farms. "We aim to bring nature, nurture, and agriculture to those yearning for an escape from the concrete jungle. Our projects are designed to be environmentally friendly and self-sustaining, offering our farm owners a beautiful and comfortable retreat."

With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, they have developed more than 10 acres of man-made lakes across all their projects and integrated rainwater harvesting methods throughout. Their dedication to nurturing a greener future is evident in their afforestation initiatives, having planted upwards of 20,000 saplings across their properties. This concerted effort has not only transformed landscapes but also cultivated a community of over 400 satisfied customers, embracing a harmonious farm lifestyle.

Aranyakaa’s initiatives not only generate significant rural employment but are also designed to harmonize with natural surroundings, emphasizing environmental best practices and self-sufficiency. Demonstrating strong financial performance and a customer-centric approach since its founding, Aranyakaa Farms continues to create long-term value for its investors and leads the way in sustainable practices, modern amenities, and innovative solutions in the farmland realty segment, offering a future-oriented lifestyle that seamlessly blends farming with hospitality for maximized investor profits.

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