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LG Electronics Launched Month-Long #BreakTheLabel Campaign To Celebrate Women Breaking Stereotypes

In honour of International Women's Day, LG Electronics, India’s leading consumer durable brand, launched its month-long #BreakTheLabel campaign. This empowering initiative aims to spotlight and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women who have shattered stereotypes and excelled in unconventional fields. The campaign kicked off with a ground-breaking panel discussion at the LG Innovation Gallery on March 5th, featuring inspiring women from diverse backgrounds who have made significant impacts in their respective domains.

The panel discussion featured a stellar line-up of panellists, including Priyanka Mangesh Mohite, Sneha Rathor Khandelwal, Capt. Dr. Sneha Sharma, Barkha Kaul, Shikha Khushu, and Shweta Mehta. Those remarkable women represent a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise, each making a significant impact in their domain. Through the panel discussion, LG honoured their resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit. The #BreakTheLabel campaign is a testament to LG's commitment to gender equality and empowerment. By amplifying the voices and stories of these trailblazing women, LG aims to inspire others to challenge societal norms and embrace their full potential.

Commenting on the launch of the month-long campaign, Mr Hong Ju Jeon, Managing Director, LG Electronics India, said, “We are delighted to introduce our #BreakTheLabel campaign for International Women's Day, driven by real life inspiring stories full of optimism and dedication. Life's Good when we empower women to defy stereotypes and pursue their aspirations, fostering a world of equality and opportunity. Let's celebrate the resilience and accomplishments of women worldwide as we unite for a brighter, more inclusive future.”

During the discussion, Priyanka Mangesh Mohite, Fearless Mountaineers & Tenzing Norgay National Adventuure Awardee, said, “As a mountaineer, I've learned the power of multitasking and the importance of passion in conquering every peak. My advice to budding climbers: in a world focused solely on the summit, remember to consider alternatives and know yourself deeply. Stay mentally strong, start slow, and cherish life's moments. Taking one step back doesn't diminish our journey; it only fuels our determination for the next ascent.”

Sneha Rathor Khandelwal, Visionary woman entrepreneur and the CEO of Sanfort group of schools said, “As women, our greatest strength lies in the unwavering support of our families. Yet, we often carry the weight of guilt and self-doubt, feeling we are less than what we truly are. It's time to recognize and appreciate our worth, to empower and uplift one another. Let us bridge the gap by upskilling and empowering women, ensuring they thrive in every aspect of life.”

Capt. Sneha Sharma, International Car Racing Formula 4 Ladies Champion and commercial pilot, said, “As women, societal conditioning often burdens us with unwarranted guilt, constraining our choices and aspirations. Despite these pressures, we must boldly embrace our passions and pursuits without apology. Whether we're donning a helmet or chasing our dreams, our gender should not define our capabilities—we are skilled professionals first and foremost. Let's foster an environment where women feel empowered to carve their own paths, discover their passions, and confidently claim their space in every field they choose.”

Shweta Mehta, MTV Roadies Rising 2017 Winner, an engineer, fitness model & actor, embodying resilience and determination said, “I found my ikigai in doing my job with heart and soul. Every day is a fresh canvas to follow this purpose. If you haven't discovered your ikigai yet, seek it fervently. Let go of outcomes and focus on the essence of your deeds.”

Barkha, Accomplished model turned DJ, symbolizing versatility and fearlessness, said, “I believe in the power of determination, self-trust, and unwavering dedication. For me, balance is an art, education is essential, and family support is invaluable. With 100% commitment, I stand tall, supporting my fellow DJs on our journey to success.”

Shikha, Dynamic leader, Engineer, handling OEMs in the Automobile Industry, said, “As a generation, we bear the responsibility to drive change. Adaptation is key; while others may resist, kindness towards oneself and others is paramount. Through connectivity and networking, we forge our paths, making space for ourselves and shaping a brighter future together.”

The event was followed by another meet & greet of Influential Entrepreneurs in the month-long campaign, LG will embark on an exploration to tribute the commendable journeys of women namely Malvica Saxena, owner of Funky Footwear brand The Quirky Naari, Smriti & Kriti Singhal, Co-founders of Youth Marketing Agency The Education Tree, Aditi Gupta, founder of an ed-tech company Techtip24, and other accomplished women who have carved out their paths, leaving indelible marks in their respective domains. Their stories not only inspire but also serve as a testament to the power of diversity and the transformative impact of women's contributions across all spheres of society. This month-long campaign aims to shine a spotlight on these unsung heroes, amplifying their voices and celebrating their achievements.

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