Thursday, January 4, 2024

Kaizen Institute Announces The “13th edition of KAIZEN™ Congress India 2024”, To Be Hosted In Pune

 ~ KAIZEN™ Congress India has become one of India's most important annual gatherings of professionals & experts in Operational Excellence, Lean and KAIZEN™ domains. ~ 

Kaizen Institute is organizing the 13th edition of KAIZEN™ Congress India (KCI) in Pune, on 18th and 19th April, 2024, which is set to gather stakeholders belonging to a variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing, healthcare, warehouse & logistics, apparel, retail, pharmaceutical, government and public services. This year’s conference aims to provide an opportunity to the attendees to “Learn, See, and Share” through KAIZEN™’s global methodologies from the industry stalwarts hailing from across the Indian industrial realm. The event aims to host over 250 attendees, around 100 companies, and over 5 renowned speakers, complemented with extensive knowledge sessions and benchmark tours over the 2-day Congress. 

For over 13 years, Kaizen Institute has provided several stakeholders the platform to engage with, discuss, & learn from experts at Kaizen Institute and industrial moguls to enhance operational efficiencies. Kaizen Institute has guided companies globally for over 30 years, assisting them with end-to-end analysis of their operations & supporting implementation of cost-effective strategies using KAIZEN™’s & Lean methodologies to reduce costs and maximize revenues for clients.  

The annual Congress is also set to host the National Case Study Competition which allows organizations to showcase their best achievements. Participants highlight the transformative implementation of Operational Excellence methodologies and compete for public recognition. 

The KCI over the years has hosted speakers from Mercedes-Benz, Royal Enfield, Aditya Birla, Tata Chemicals, Flipkart & Infosys, among others.  

Elaborating on the announcement of KCI, Managing Director, South Asia and Africa, Kaizen Institute, Mr. Vinod Grover pointed towards India’s ambitions for the Amrit Kaal to ‘become a developed economy by 2047’ & to ‘Make-in-India for the World’. To support this aspiration, business leaders have the responsibility to lead Indian businesses to global competitiveness. Through this event, Kaizen Institute aims to facilitate this process by bringing together on one platform globally & locally proven people based, process improvement & sustenance practices & practitioners to learn from & get inspired! With the registrations now open, Mr. Grover is optimistic about seeing participation in large numbers, particularly from the newer generation of industrialists who seek to learn from successful practitioners. 

About Kaizen Institute India: Kaizen Institute is the original and premier provider of KAIZEN™ services of Change Management, Business Excellence, Operational Excellence and Lean. We support companies of all sizes in all market segments, providing them with a sustainable, competitive advantage. Our Vision is Improving the world with Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day – The KAIZEN™ Way. “KAIZEN™ means Change for the better.” KI is a global organization that provides consulting services to companies in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East & America. 

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