Saturday, January 6, 2024

Governor of Bihar, Rajendra Arlekar Releases The Bubbles Of Memory Book Written By Dhruva Kumar

His Excellency Governor of Bihar Sri. Rajendra Arlekar launches THE BUBBLES OF MEMORY penned down by former secretary, Goa Legislature and retired secretary & Karnataka Legislative assembly secretariat Sri. TN Dhruva Kumar. Chief Guest Sri. Basavaraj Horatti - chairman Karnataka legislative council, Sri Vivek subba Reddy, president – Advocates Association and Sri. CS Shadakshari - president – NGO’s Association were present at the time of book release.  

This book titled was released by the governor of Bihar, in the presence of a galaxy of leaders talking to August gathering governor of Bihar in his presidential address said this book is most wanted for every legislature student to understand the life of Karnataka legislature. He praised Mr. Dhruva Kumar for having captured the most historic incidents of Karnataka assembly in his own style where real pictures will be reflected.  Mr. Dhruva's effort pending the parliamentary incidents is noteworthy..This book will definitely mark a new chapter in the Karnataka legislature.

Sri. Dhruva Kumar says “my Main inspiration to write this book was untold suffering during my tenure as additional secretary in Karnataka legislature and my ricketiest legislative experience which I had in Goa assembly secretariat  ...In order to reflect the transparency of my official life I have written it.

This book reflects the finest incidence of parliamentary importance and excellent reference to debating standards as well. The Author had vivid experience with all politicians of Goa and Karnataka.

Author has also recorded some of the important and enriching incidents that have happened in the Karnataka legislature...he has further mentioned the highest standard of debates in those days in comparative analysis of present day debates.

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