Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Crowdfunding Initiative By Manipal Academy of Higher Education Students To Procure Oxygen Concentrators

Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s Formula Manipal is one of MAHE’s longest-running, most accomplished, and well-known student projects is partnering with professional non-profit alliance Swasth Foundation, to set an ambitious goal to raise enough funds required to procure approximately 8 High Flow Oxygen Concentrators`. Founded in 2009, Swasth Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise committed to health and joy for all. They focus on improving the well-being of the poor by providing a range of affordable and high-quality primary-preventive health services. They aspire to build a sustainable and accountable health ecosystem that delivers high-quality patient metric care.

Formula Manipal has decided to harness the power of social networks via ImpactGuru, a reliable crowdfunding platform, to collect donations for the financially weak members of our society currently facing medical emergencies. While ImpactGuru supports a diverse range of causes, aiding non-profits, personal and creative projects, we can all agree that in the post-pandemic world, healthcare financing can no longer be an option, it must be a priority. 

As a team of passionate and innovative students, they work together to design, conceptualize, fabricate, test, and race a single-seater, open-wheel Formula Style race car. Starting out as an idea in 2007, Formula Manipal has since come up with 9 extremely intriguing cars till date which have competed nationally and internationally on various platforms including Italy, UK, Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Having noticed that India has been hit the worst by the pandemic, this team of dedicated students has decided to take a stance against it. Given the lack of supply of healthcare essentials in such desperate times, we at MAHE have realized the difficulty our fellow citizens are facing whilst battling this pandemic. Hence, as the core values of MAHE revolve around helping the nation, our student project Formula Manipal agrees that there is no better time to do it than now when India needs it the most.  

To our surprise, a staggering 50 million Indians have already been pushed into poverty due to healthcare-related costs. Out of the numerous amounts of covid related deaths in our country, a grave number has been due to the shortage of oxygen alone. As time passes, it is becoming increasingly evident that our nation requires every ounce of support possible. Therefore, on behalf of Formula Manipal, we urge all citizens of our country to help and support each other in these trying times. 

If you wish to aid Formula Manipal’s cause, kindly visit their website ( to find the relevant links and details to do your part and make a donation. It is our humble request that you consider this initiative to help Formula Manipal make healthcare affordable to save lives today while securing a better future for our nation. Any donation would be greatly appreciated as it could be the answer to someone’s prayer to save a loved one's life.

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