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NVS Travel Solutions Launches Eicher EV Bus For Employee Transportation

NVS Travel Solutions today launched India’s first ever electric bus fleet for employee transportation in Bangalore. Eicher, one of the leading EV bus manufacturers, handed over the first bus to NVS Travel Solutions today.

Established in 2007, NVS Travel Solutions today has a fleet of over 900 vehicles including buses, mini buses, and cars. Out of which company itself owns over 500 vehicles. Over the years the company is recognised as one of leading operators in employee and school transportation. The company also pioneered its own technology to track and manage its fleet. An in-house app Roorides made the complex system of school and employee transportation easier and provided better service experiences.

The introduction of electric buses for employee transportation is considered a unique one for the fact that the cost of each EV bus is 3- 4 times higher than conventional diesel buses. So far only government bodies are operating EV buses for public transportation with an MoU with select EV bus manufacturers.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Nagaraj N.V., the CEO and founder of NVS Travel Solutions “There is no subsidy from the government on EV buses. Hence these buses costs exorbitant. No companies are willing to buy and operate them though they are environmentally conscious and willing to contribute for sustainable environment. There is demand for the EV buses for employee transportation. Because these buses costs 3- 4 times higher than conventional buses, no private travel operators come forward to buy them. However, we have developed a business model that enables corporations and manufacturing companies to efficiently achieve their carbon footprint reduction goals.

"Our focus on employee transport safety led us to launch our successful Employee Transport Solution, which emphasizes reliability, safe transportation systems, and transparent pricing techniques, while providing significant cost savings. We offer various service options, including monthly contracts, hire basis, kilometre basis, trip basis, and head basis, all without compromising on the quality, safety, comfort, and convenience for schools & enterprises alike", he added.

The EV bus fleet marks a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions and creating a cleaner, greener future. The successful launch of NVS Travels' Employee Transport Operator-owned EV bus fleet sets a new benchmark in the corporate transport industry. NVS Travels continues to drive forward with its mission to provide reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable transport solutions, revolutionizing employee transportation in India.

To mark the occasion, NVS Travel Solutions today organised a panel discussion under the theme, "Green Wheels, Greener Future: Future of Mobility," which highlighted the importance of electric vehicles in employee transportation. Representatives of various concerned industries participated in the discussion. The discussion reinforced the significance of sustainable mobility in the corporate sector.The speakers stressed on the need for EV buses to facilitate last-mile mobility.

“We believe in paving the way to a sustainable future. In our commitment to environmental sustainability, we use innovative alternative technology to significantly reduce carbon emission and provide cost effective solution for our customers in step towards Greener Future” said Suresh Chettiar, Executive Vice President, Eicher.

About NVS Travels:

NVS Travels, established in 2007, is a leading transport service provider committed to blending transport with technology. By focusing on processes, quality management, innovation, values, and its people, NVS Travels delivers safe and flawless transport experiences. The company offers flexible and tailored transport solutions, ensuring exceptional service quality while prioritizing employee safety and comfort. The company has operations across 32 cities in India with 800 plus number of employees working.

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