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Openhouse Introduces Preschools In Bangalore's Indiranagar And Sarjapur, Bringing World-Class Early Childhood Education To Bangalore

-          Since its inception in 2018, Openhouse has established eight Early Years Learning Centres across Bangalore and Kolkata.

-          With the launch of new preschools within our Openhouses at Indiranagar and Sarjapur, Openhouse is setting new benchmarks in preschool education for children aged 1 to 6 years

-          Aims to make quality child care accessible to families across India by expanding to 300 learning centers by 2030.

Openhouse, renowned for its holistic approach to education, is proud to announce the expansion of its offerings with the launch of preschools in Bangalore’s Indiranagar and Sarjapur neighborhoods. This marks a significant milestone in the realm of early childhood education. Catering to children aged 1 to 6 years, these preschools are designed to bring in a new wave of active childcare that focuses on exploration and curiosity over traditional academic learning.

Founded by Akshay Rampuria and Yashovardhan Poddar, who are recognized in Forbes 30 under 30 for their innovative contributions to education, Openhouse Preschool is tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern parents and their children, bringing global standards in early childhood education to India. Integrating best practices from IB, Montessori, Reggio, and Waldorf methodologies, Openhouse crafts a holistic play-based curriculum tailored to the developmental needs of each child. While most preschools in India do not emphasize the environment, at Openhouse, children remain engaged and stimulated throughout the day in a variety of activity rooms—such as homeroom, play area, sandpit, makerspace, atelier, roleplay room, and movement studio.

“Childcare and early year’s education need to be seen through a new lens to better serve today's children and families," stated Yash Poddar. "Unlike in the West, where strong regulations ensure high standards of delivery, the lack of regulation here means that preschools often do not maintain quality standards such as adhering to low student-to-teacher ratios and ensuring adequate teacher training before starting a school. Moreover, traditional schools fail to support working parents who are juggling the immense responsibilities of work and childcare, as they offer only half-day programs or provide daycare that lacks an engaging environment for the child."

Poddar continued, "At Openhouse, we emphasize the importance of play-based learning over traditional academic teaching. We want to shift from teacher-centric classrooms to child-centric classrooms. This expansion is a significant step toward fulfilling our vision to reshape the future of childcare in India, supporting the modern, thoughtful parent and making each child the protagonist of their own story."

Every child at Openhouse Preschool receives personalized attention, made possible by a 1:6 teacher-to-child ratio. Acknowledging the demands of modern family life, Openhouse extends flexible scheduling, full-day programs, transportation support, and nutritious meals, making parents' lives easier. This family-first approach enables working parents to continue in the workforce while ensuring their children receive quality care and learning.

Since its inception in 2018, Openhouse has rapidly expanded, establishing eight centers—six in Bangalore and two in Kolkata—and has positively impacted over 7,000 students. Their goal is to make quality education more accessible to families across India, eventually scaling to 300 learning centers by 2030. Besides the newly opened preschools, Openhouse offers a diverse array of co-curricular activities for children aged 3 to 10, including art, robotics, theater, public speaking, chess, karate, and dance. These programs complement traditional academic curricula by fostering holistic development, allowing children to explore their interests and ignite new passions outside of regular school hours.

Admissions for Openhouse Preschool are now open, with the next session set to begin on June 15th, 2024.

About Openhouse

Openhouse is a leading early years center tailored for children aged 1 to 10 years, based in Bangalore and Kolkata. Our centers provide specialized preschool and co-curricular programs that cultivate creativity, curiosity, and essential life skills, moving beyond traditional learning methods. Located in the comfort of your neighborhood, Openhouse provides engaging and vibrant learning environments that are perfectly aligned with the needs of today's discerning, modern parents.

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