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An Appeal To Donate For A 55 Year-Old-Mother - Kochurani Suffering From Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Kochurani, a vibrant 55-year-old, suddenly found her world turned upside down when she received the devastating diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer in February 2024. A cherished wife and mother of two, she had always been the beacon of strength and hope for her family and friends.

The Diagnosis:

It all began innocuously with a persistent dry cough in October 2023. Despite diligent adherence to prescribed medications, the cough lingered, prompting further investigation. A plain CT scan initially revealed pneumonia, leading to a two-week hospitalization for treatment. Yet, the cough persisted, prompting a contrast CT scan, which unveiled a concerning mass growth in her left lung. Subsequent lung biopsy confirmed the dreaded diagnosis: lung adenocarcinoma at an advanced stage.

Further tests, including a PET CT scan, revealed the aggressive nature of the cancer, which had metastasized to her right lung, bones, backbone, collar bone, pelvic regions, and the lining of the liver. Amidst escalating pain levels, she underwent radiotherapy to alleviate suffering while awaiting mutation analysis results.

The mutation test results unveiled a rare variant, ERBB2 Exon 20 Insertion, occurring in only 1-5% of adenocarcinoma cases, presenting a daunting treatment challenge. Recommended treatment protocol involved chemotherapy coupled with immunotherapy as the primary line of defence, followed by targeted therapy as the secondary approach. Each cycle of treatment required once every three weeks is a lifeline for Kochurani, promising a second chance to come back to Normal life.

The Plea:

While the family has exhausted savings and incurred loans for a sum of 6,50,000 INR to cover initial treatment costs, the staggering expenses for ongoing care, totalling 26,40,000 INR, looms large. This financial burden threatens to disrupt Kochurani's crucial treatment regimen, jeopardizing her fight for a second chance at life.

In this time of dire need, we humbly appeal to the kindness and generosity of compassionate souls. Your contribution, no matter the size, will make an immense difference in Kochurani's battle against cancer. Together, let us ensure she receives the timely treatment and care she so urgently requires, providing solace and support to her loving family in their time of need.

For more details, contact Freddy - 8884834696 

Your generous help can be made to the below mentioned account or to the ketto campaign for this cause.

PH NO/UPI No - 8884834696

For Bank transfers, NEFT, IMPS, RTGS

Bank Name - ICICI Bank

Account name - Freddy K K

Account number - 437801506664


(The three digits after C and before numeric 4 are Zeros)

To Contribute and support through Ketto Campaign. Please click the link below.

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