Monday, April 8, 2024

Experience the Magical World of “Troll Village": A Spectacular Family Attraction Comes to Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore

* An incredible two-month-long fiesta will be brought alive with Pop Village or Pop Troll Village, surrounded by lush greenery and adorned with whimsical mushrooms, vibrant foliage, and delicate blossoms; the village casts a spell of ethereal beauty. With such an impressive line-up, you're sure to be captivated and left in awe.

* The carnival is set to mesmerize not just children but will make adults relive their childhoods too.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for an ultimate summer-filled extravaganza, as Phoenix Marketcity, Bengaluru's go-to entertainment destination, presents "Troll Village," an imaginative rollercoaster journey that will thrill both kids and adults alike. From endless surprises to non-stop laughter, Phoenix Marketcity promises an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

Additionally, this summer to give your kids joy and happiness Phoenix Marketcity is also hosting a HolidayLand fiesta, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young children to meet, interact, and take pictures with their favourite characters. 

Troll Village, affectionately known as Pop Village or Pop Troll Village, serves as the vibrant home of the lively Pop Trolls. Surrounded by lush greenery and adorned with whimsical mushrooms, vibrant foliage, and delicate blossoms, the village casts a spell of ethereal beauty, captivating all who enter its magical gates. Visitors can experience the magic of adventure through many interactive islands, each brimming with the playful spirit of trolls. From thrilling slides to enchanting merry-go-rounds, from navigating through whimsical jungle mazes to striking poses at vibrant photo spots, there's boundless joy awaiting visitors of all ages.

Phoenix Marketcity in Bangalore offers an extensive array of entertainment and amusement options for the entire family, including internationally recognizable characters, musical theatre performances, children's workshops, live concerts, stand-up comedy gigs, and much more. Join us for a fun-filled ride, meet your favorite characters, and make lasting memories.

About Phoenix Marketcity Bengaluru

 Classified as a “Larger Lifestyle Engagement Destination”, Phoenix Marketcity Bengaluru offers visitors, an array of unforgettable experiences. With its truly international look and feel, tastefully done interiors and the best of food, fashion, and entertainment from the world over, Phoenix remains ‘The’ destination for the premium discerning customers of the city as well expats. With over 300 stores, representing an exhaustive mix of International, National and Regional premium brands, the mall offers the most comprehensive and compelling lifestyle shopping experience in Bangalore. More than just a Mall, Phoenix Marketcity, Bengaluru is in fact a veritable melting pot of fascinating cultures, beautiful clothing, and high-end couture. It is a city within a city, an urban space where retail, entertainment and leisure offerings co-exist.

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