Friday, December 1, 2023

International Conference On Millets, Organic And Natural Farming At Art of Living On Dec 9, 10 & 11

Millet Expo and International Conference on Millets, Organic and Natural Farming will be jointly organised by SRI SRI NAISARGIK AND UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES,GKVK, BANGALORE from 9-11, December 2023 in Art of Living Bangalore to commemorate the International Year of Millets. 

"Cultivation and usage of millets is important from the sustainable point of view. Millets can be cultivated on marginal lands and are climate resilient. Further , they have low glycemic index which makes them preferred grains for people suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular disrases," says Dr Khadar Vali, Millet Man of India. 

Emphasizing on the nutrition aspect of Millets, Dr Khadar says that millets are rich in nutrients, minerals,  and vitamins, crude fibre. The big advantage with millets is they are Gluten free. Millets  are easy to store for longer duration if they are not dehusked. They are mostly resistant to pest and diseases. In nutshell they are eco-friendly grains help just to meet the nutrition of human beings but also the grass acts as a very good fodder for  cattle and grains for birds which inturn help in controlling certain pests as th hese birds eat away the larvae certain pests. These crops since they belong to grass family are good soil binders this good for soil conservation.

SRi SRi NAiSARGiK: aims to create a sustainable, equitable, and environmentally-friendly system that supports small-scale farmers, local entrepreneurs, and communities while providing consumers with high-quality, ethically-sourced products .

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