Thursday, October 5, 2023

Stovekraft Ltd Launches India’s First All-In-One Pigeon Nutri Mixer

* The Mixing-Juicing-Blending-Grinding System is crafted with the aim of making you look forward to your kitchen time

In keeping up with its commitment to deliver the latest innovations in kitchen appliances, Stovekraft today unveiled the Pigeon Nutri Mixer 900, India's first all-in-one Mixing-Juicing-Blending-Grinding SYSTEM. This innovative "Made in India" Nutri Mixer is designed to simplify cooking by combining the functions of multiple kitchen appliances into one.

Inspired by the need to save space in the kitchen while consolidating the functionality of various devices into a single unit, the Nutri Mixer is an excellent choice for individuals seeking to economize on time, money, and kitchen space. This highly efficient and affordable system is ideal for creating smoothies, juices, milkshakes, health drinks, protein shakes, and more, as well as grinding spices, preparing masala mixes, crafting nut butter, producing coffee powder, and more. It comes with three sturdy and durable food-grade jars — 800ml to whip up Smoothies & Shakes; 500ml as a multi-purpose jar; and 200ml for dry-grinding. The product also comes with a storage lid and a sipper lid.

Commenting on the product, Mr. Rajendra Gandhi, Managing Director, Stovekraft Limited, said, "In today's fast-paced modern lifestyle, where kitchen efficiency and versatility are paramount, this multifunctional appliance represents true innovation and convenience. The Nutri Mixer SYSTEM boasts a 900-watt ultra-high-speed motor capable of performing a variety of tasks such as mixing, juicing, blending, and grinding within seconds. This versatile appliance combines the capabilities of a mixer, grinder, juicer, and blender, offering a multifunctional solution for all your kitchen needs."

This Mixer Grinder Juicer Blender System is poised to become the ultimate kitchen companion. With its blend of cutting-edge technology, robust design, and a plethora of features, you can now look forward to seeing your culinary experiences touch new heights. This innovative system has shed the traditional buttons and controls found on typical mixer grinders. All you have to do here is to just twist and lock the jars in place, and the task is completed within seconds. Customers can enjoy 100% hands-free operation, freeing up time for other kitchen tasks or to relax, without the need to hold the mixer-grinder cover while operating it.

Photo Caption: Mr. Rajendra Gandhi, MD of Stovekraft Ltd. today unveiled the Pigeon Nutri Mixer 900, India's first all-in-one Mixing-Juicing-Blending-Grinding System.

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