Tuesday, April 11, 2023

upGrad Integrates Its Study Abroad Businesses To Turbocharge India's Global Talent Supply

~ The integration will help the brand capitalise on its strengths and become the largest blended study abroad and pathway programs giant in Asia with a strong learning-to-employment approach for global demand ~

upGrad, Asia’s largest integrated career skilling and workforce development company integrates its diversified study abroad portfolio with a wide range of blended and online courses to become the market leader. “Ranging from market-ready skilling programs to assuring the last-mile connectivity with global recruiters, we have built a one-stop spectrum to enable the learning and placement needs of everyone who seeks to build a career in an international geography,” said Mayank Kumar, Co-founder & MD, upGrad.

The brand is reported to have expanded its footprints across 20+ countries with over 1000 university partners and 40,000 recruitment agents and would continue to add more destination markets to its portfolio.

The segment also experienced 100%+ growth during FY23 due to a strong intent towards overseas education that suffered a setback in the last two years; is expected to cross INR 500 crore of annual gross revenue in FY24 and will be profitable. The Study Abroad segment will account for about 20% of the group revenue for the year.

"upGrad will combine its prowess to reach out to learners in metros and non-metro cities through its agent network and extensive university network that has been added via both organic and inorganic arrangements to also become the largest player in the Study Abroad space. We are also working with international recruiting partners with a base in London to build a full-stack learning-to-employment model that connects our learners with jobs. The demand for Indian skilled professionals and talent across the global arena is on a rising trajectory and the right education and competencies could further propel India's stature as the global soft power in the larger talent ecosystem," concluded Kumar.

About upGrad

Started in 2015, upGrad is Asia’s largest integrated Learning, Skilling, Workforce Development & Placement Company. The offerings range from online & hybrid Degree programs to pathway and study abroad programs to certification and Bootcamps to Diploma, Master’s and Doctorate programs for working professionals. upGrad also provides most of these programs to enterprise clients through its B2B arm along with recruitment and staffing services. Till date, upGrad has touched 7 million+ learners across 100+ countries. It boasts a strong network of 300+ direct global university partners, a wide lineup of 2500+ pathway connections, over 20,000 recruitment partners, and a robust enterprise arm with a clientele of 3000 corporate partners worldwide.


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