Friday, December 30, 2022

Singatalur Drip Farmers Felicitated For Getting Higher Yields

Ten farmers of Singatalur Lift Irrigation and Drip Irrigation Package -1 (10080 Ha) were felicitated for outstanding performance in crop production by Karnataka Neeravari Nigama Limited officials in the event that was organized by Netafim India and Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited JV. The farmers from Dambal, Kalkeri, Harogeri, and Hirevaddatti villages have obtained higher yields using drip irrigation technology during the Kharif season of 2021-22. The event was organised at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulkoti, Gadag. The felicitation program witnessed the participation of eminent guests Shri. Ramesh H, Assistant Executive Engineer, Sub Division 1 of Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Limited, Govt. of Karnataka, and Shri. Er. Basavaraja Bandivaddar, Professor, WALMI, Dharwad. Mr. Girish Deshpande, Sr. Manager Projects Management, Netafim India, Mr. Umesha M C, Sr. Manager - Agronomy, Netafim India, Mr. Parimalarangan, Project Manager – Singataluru 1 project, Netafim India, and Mr. Sanjay Shirgurkar, CGM, Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited participated for the felicitation ceremony.

During the ceremony Shri. Ramesh H, Assistant Executive Engineer of Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Limited, Govt. of Karnataka, stressed that “farmers should cooperate with irrigation projects and boost their crop yield through scientifically proven drip irrigation. Each farmer’s success will encourage other farmers in the neighborhood to adopt drip technology, thus helping the farmer community with their financial growth and making the project successful.

Addressing the farmers and audience at large during the felicitation ceremony, Shri. Er. Basavaraja Bandivaddar, Professor, WALMI, Dharwad, said,” Drip irrigation is very beneficial as it offers higher yield and income with less water.” Encouraging farmers to adopt drip irrigation, he emphasized that “the strengthening of water user cooperative societies and the cooperation of farmers is critical for successful projects. With this project, farmers can protect their crops through drip irrigation in case of lack of timely rain for the growing crops “.

Singataluru Lift Irrigation Project endeavors to bring the entire farming community together through Community Drip Irrigation Project – to establish systematic and sustainable irrigation practices. The ongoing phase 1 of the project plans to bring 10,080 hectares of agricultural land and thousands of farmers from 12 village under drip irrigation to offer maximum crop yield. The drip system is provided by Karnataka Neeravari Nigama Limited. Netafim India is extensively providing agronomy services to educate the farmers on sustainable agriculture practices.

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