Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Capillary Partners With Wazir Advisors To Promote Its Full-Stack Ecommerce Solution

Capillary Technologies Limited (a B2B SaaS company providing full-stack E-commerce solutions) today announced its partnership with Wazir Advisors, CPG and Retail consultancy firm, to accelerate growth for its full-stack e-commerce solution.

A dramatic rise in online sales since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly pushed retailers to completely fortify their digital strategies. To fulfill this need, Capillary’s full-stack e-commerce model assists brands to build and execute a long-term online strategy as well as achieve substantial growth online. The B2B SaaS Company thus offers guidance in the development

and implementation of the online strategy, investment commitments, and brand’s marketing and operation teams.

Powered by Capillary’s Anywhere Commerce platform, Capillary’s full-stack model has helped its customers generate significant digital growth, and Wazir Advisors will help the company expand this offering to more brands that are looking for a holistic e-commerce solution. Said Arun Naikar (VP of Anywhere Commerce, Capillary Technologies), “The customer’s demand for digital channels is on the rise, and by incorporating a 360-degree approach, we want to help businesses not only with the varied capabilities of Anywhere Commerce+ but also with managing the platform optimally, driving both traffic and revenue. We have reaped major success with apparel brands like Indian Terrain, which has achieved a 30X online sales growth in 12 months. Together, with Wazir Advisors, we can truly empower brands to navigate the infinite world of digital channels.”

Since 2009, Wazir Advisors has been guiding brands from various industries like CPG, Fashion & Apparel, FMCG and Packaged Food to capture sustainably profitable business opportunities. Their consulting expertise also includes guiding companies into new ventures, markets and product segments as well as streamlining business strategies. As elaborated by Harminder Sahni, Founder, Wazir Advisors, “With Capillary’s partnership, Wazir can now enable its clients to rely on Capillary’s end-to-end digital ecosystem for their ecommerce needs.”

According to Pakhi Saxena, Head CPG Retail “Wazir Advisors vast experience of working with legacy as well as digital native brands will lend to evolving the ecosystem with focus on optimization levers in addition to growth.”

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