Wednesday, July 1, 2020

OMRON India Partners with PhableCare to Enter Telemedicine Segment in Indian Market

Healthcare monitoring equipment maker OMRON Healthcare India on Tuesday through a video conference press meet announced its foray into the telemedicine segment through a partnership with PhableCare to provide remote hypertension management services at home.

PhableCare is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled healthcare management player.

Through the partnership, the company will provide a digital platform that enables hypertensive patients to avail all kinds of services right from diagnosis to monitoring to treatment under one roof, OMRON Healthcare India said in a statement.

With autonomous and AI-based healthcare becoming a reality in the new normal, the association will usher in remote hypertension management service, OMRON Healthcare India Managing Director Masanori Matsubara said.

"So far, OMRON has been contributing towards empowering people to keep track of their heart health by providing quality digital blood pressure (BP) home monitoring solutions. However, with the merging of our synergies with PhableCare, we will be able to make millions of patients utilise the monitoring services efficiently under the supervision of doctors from the comfort of their homes," he added.

The patients will get access to an accurate monitoring device, proper diagnosis, prescription, real-time tracking and monitoring, and even efficient drug delivery and risk analysis under this solution, Matsubara said.

Commenting on the partnership, PhableCare CEO and Co-Founder Sumit Sinha said, "The effort is to bring about a fundamental change in how healthcare is accessed and outcomes are driven for hypertensive patients."

The last few months have brought a major shift in consumer behaviour where a large population is accessing their basic needs through smartphones, he added.

In order to avail of the services, users would have to download the app 'PHABLE' on their mobile devices and choose the right subscription packages, the company said.

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