Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Manipal Hospitals Gives New Lease of Life to 37-Yr-Old Mother, Baby

It was a struggle against all odds for this 37-year-old mother who battled her failing kidneys and acute fatty liver inside a ventilator for 7 days. Against all odds, she had delivered twins a week before, but only one had survived. The brave efforts of the mother combined with the multi-disciplinary team of Manipal Hospitals helped the mother face the ordeal with grit and courage.

To begin with, her platelet levels dangerously low, as she was also diagnosed with jaundice during her pregnancy. Her family rushed her to Manipal Hospitals and she was diagnosed to be suffering from acute fatty liver, severe dehydration, which was quite rare, and she also needed immediate medical attention of a multidciplinary team.  Since the team had to immediately, activate treatment. Emergency Caesarean section was performed. The doctor extracted twins but the other baby was a stillborn.

Dr Vidya Desai - consultant, obstetrics and Gynecology, Manipal Hospitals said, “Patient was 37 year old with 34 weeks pregnancy presented with vomiting and diarrhea brought to emergency. She showed response of fetal distress ,tachycardia and metabolic acidosis .We had to immediately shift her to OT and she was on a ventilator and presented with renal failure. This was a pure case of acute fatty liver pregnancy. With the help of our ICU support team, we were able to perform C-section and the baby was immediately handed over to Neonatal intensive care team. Precious Twin pregnancy managed to save one baby with difficulty had a turbulent post op period, but not easy recovery. “

Dr Karthik Nagesh ,Chairman-HOD of Neonatal ICUs & Manipal Advanced Children’s Centre, Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore, said,  “This young mother was referred in to us for a severe illness complicating her pregnancy causing liver and kidney failure. The baby’s condition in-utero was also severely compromised. She delivered prematurely and the baby required active resuscitation at birth with a subsequent stormy course of multiple organ dysfunction needing aggressive critical support in the neonatal ICU. Complications can affect any pregnancy and there is potential risk to both mother and baby. Hence, There is need for a multidisciplinary team of Neonatal ICU and Adult ICU doctors in health care facilities to keep the mother and baby safe.“

Dr Sunil Karanth , Chairman and consultant - Critical Care Medicine, Manipal Hospitals, “Pregnancy and Child birth  is a joyous journey for a woman becoming a mother. Rarely this can have a complicated medical course. We at Manipal hospital understand the true value  of a mother and are geared up in terms of expertise and technology through a multidisciplinary approach to ensure that even the most complicated pregnancies become safe.”

Expressing their happiness Mrs. Minu Kothari & Rakesh Kothari said, “ We are extremely grateful to the team of Manipal Hospitals . We are yet to name our bundle of joy as she has given us the joy of motherhood and it is indeed a second lease of life for us.

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