Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Bausch and Lomb Launches New Digital Campaign for Bausch+Lomb Ultra

Bausch and Lomb, the market leader in contact lenses and lens care solutions in India, launched a new digital campaign for its product –Bausch + Lomb Ultra, which provides 16 hours of comfortable wear. The campaign includes a series of six digital ads – 3 renditions each of 15 seconds and 6 seconds. The ads are humorous in tonality and frown upon the awkward situations that arise due to the discomfort from wearing contact lenses for long hours. Bausch+Lomb Ultra has been introduced as the perfect solution to these problems.

Speaking about the campaign, Sanjay Bhutani, Managing Director, Bausch and Lomb India commented, ‘We at Bausch+Lomb have been thriving to make products that are consumer friendly, since decades. As times have changed and things are becoming digital, a chunk of the population is exposed to some or the other form of Digital screen. As a matter of fact, a spectacle wearing millennial typically spends 10-12 hours a day on multiple screens. This tends to dry out the eyes and thus making contact lens usage uncomfortable. To overcome this, we have launched Ultra-16 hour comfort lenses which could be worn up to 16 hours without any discomfort.’

The product has MoistureSeal technology which helps prevent dryness and retains moisture in eyes throughout the day. Bausch+Lomb Ultra-16 hour lenses are monthly disposable and priced at Rs.3700 for a pack of 6 lenses.

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