Saturday, August 12, 2023

Ambuja & ACC Celebrate India's Progress And Independence: A Journey Of Resilience And Nation-Building


·                     Ambuja Cements’ film, "Desh Ban Raha Hai", showcases India's dynamic and ambitious youth, celebrating their vigour and determination, highlighting the nation's core principles of integrity, unity, and growth. 

·                     ACC combines unwavering dedication to the nation's growth, fostering sustainable development through “Jahan Bharat Basta Hai” reflecting its iconic legacy. 

·                     Ambuja Cements and ACC reaffirm their commitment to nation-building, upholding India's youth spirit for shaping a future grounded in strength, unity, and sustainable progress. 

Ambuja Cements Limited and ACC Limited, the cement and building material companies of the diversified Adani Group, collaborate to commemorate India's 77th Independence Day. Under the theme of "Growing Nation," they reaffirm their commitment to India's growth and prosperity, symbolised by the metaphorical shade of a Banyan tree. The joint narrative encompasses the intertwined paths of schoolchildren, vibrant crossroads of carnivals, and the joy of newlyweds, all under our shared heritage. 

Ambuja Cements, in its latest campaign "Desh Ban Raha Hai," celebrates the unyielding spirit and boundless potential of India's youth. These young individuals embody the essence of India's core values - integrity, unity, and advancement, weaving faith in freedom and individuality.  

ACC's journey, spanning over eight decades, mirrors India's strength, progress and unity. Just as the tricolor soars with pride, ACC stands tall as a symbol of ‘global quality with nationwide trust’. From shaping iconic structures to infrastructure landmarks, ACC's commitment to a sustainable and prosperous India remains strong.  

Both companies champion innovation and sustainability, with green cement projects, eco-friendly practices, and holistic community engagement defining their commitment to a greener and enduring legacy for generations to come. On India's 77th Independence Day, they dedicate themselves to building a brighter, self-reliant future for our nation. 

Mr. Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business, reflects on this remarkable journey, "On this auspicious occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of our nation and its journey towards progress and growth. Our new films symbolsise the essence of nation building, intricately weaving into India's growth narrative. Committed to nation-building, Ambuja Cements and ACC embody core values - independence, unity, and dependability - as India progresses." 

Together, as Ambuja Cements and ACC, they stand as a testament to the essence of optimism, perseverance, and self-sufficiency, ready to carve their mark on the world and contribute to India's resplendent future. 

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