Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Doctor's Swift Intervention And Bystander CPR Saves A Man

* Dr. Prasanth, an Emergency Medicine Doctor at Narayana Health City, saved a person in cardiac arrest after a road collision.

Doctors, often deemed 'next to God,' consistently play a crucial role in preserving and improving countless lives. Dr. Prasanth, an Emergency Medicine Resident at Narayana Health City, recently underscored this profound sentiment with an extraordinary and virtuous deed, exemplifying why the medical profession is held in such divine regard. While riding his bike, Dr. Prasanth came across a road traffic incident, witnessing a person in a critical state of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) following a collision. His prompt and heroic response not only saved a life but further solidified the revered status of doctors in the eyes of the community.

The patient, upon impact, experienced a fall that led to a forceful chest injury from hitting the bike's handlebar. Following the fall, the individual exhibited distressing signs, clutching their chest and subsequently losing consciousness. Dr. Prasanth, demonstrating commendable presence of mind, promptly halted his bike to assess the situation.

Recognizing the absence of response and a lack of central pulse in the injured individual, Dr. Prasanth sprang into action without hesitation. On the road, he initiated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), administering life-saving measures for a crucial five-minute duration. His dedication and expertise bore fruit as the patient showed signs of improvement, with palpable pulses returning. Effectively transitioning from pre-hospital care to the Emergency Department, Dr. Prasanth ensured the patient's conscious transport, a testament to his swift and effective intervention. In this critical moment, a life was saved, prompting onlookers to acknowledge the truth – 'God gives life, and a doctor saves a life!'

“I strongly believe that there is a divinity that governs all our actions including medical interventions to save lives. This incident also serves as a testament to the importance of timely and adept medical response in situations where every second counts, ultimately making a significant impact on patient outcomes,” said Dr Prasanth.

“We need to emphasize on the importance of bystander CPR as time is life. In such cases, Each Second Counts,” emphasized Dr. Prasanth who proved himself one of our honourable and virtuous heroes. This divine intervention was also an example of a real-life hero living in society. 

Dr. Prasanth's intervention underscores the critical importance of immediate bystander CPR in the chain of survival for individuals experiencing cardiac emergencies. In this instance, his swift initiation of CPR played a pivotal role in sustaining the patient's vital functions during the crucial moments before professional medical assistance.

Bystander CPR, administered promptly by individuals like Dr. Prasanth who happened to be at the scene, significantly increases the chances of survival for someone facing cardiac arrest. The immediacy of the response is paramount, as it helps maintain blood circulation and oxygenation to vital organs, preventing irreversible damage. In this case, Dr. Prasanth's quick assessment and decisive action bridged the gap between the incident and formal medical care, ensuring that the patient had the best possible chance for recovery.

The doctor's heroic act serves as a reminder of the vital role of a doctor in emergencies. “Being equipped with the knowledge and willingness to perform CPR in those crucial initial moments, even a common man can make a profound difference and potentially save lives,” concluded Dr Prasanth.

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