Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs Than It Eliminates By 2020 While Eliminating 1.8 Million

The year 2020 will be a pivotal year in AI-related employment dynamics, according to Gartner, Inc., as artificial intelligence (AI) will become a positive job motivator. The number of jobs affected by AI will vary by industry; through 2019, healthcare, the public sector and education will see continuously growing job demand while manufacturing will be hit the hardest. Starting in 2020, AI-related job creation will cross into positive territory, reaching two million net-new jobs in 2025.

"Many significant innovations in the past have been associated with a transition period of temporary job loss, followed by recovery, then business transformation and AI will likely follow this route," said Svetlana Sicular, research vice president at Gartner. AI will improve the productivity of many jobs, eliminating millions of middle- and low-level positions, but also creating millions more new positions of highly skilled, management and even the entry-level and low-skilled variety.

"Unfortunately, most calamitous warnings of job losses confuse AI with automation — that overshadows the greatest AI benefit — AI augmentation — a combination of human and artificial intelligence, where both complement each other."

IT leaders should not only focus on the projected net increase of jobs. With each investment in AI-enabled technologiesthey must take into consideration what jobs will be lost, what jobs will be created, and how it will transform how workers collaborate with others, make decisions and get work done.

"Now is the time to really impact your long-term AI direction," said Sicular. "For the greatest value, focus on augmenting people with AIEnrich people's jobs, reimagine old tasks and create new industries. Transform your culture to make it rapidly adaptable to AI-related opportunities or threats."

Gartner identified additional predictions related to AI’s impact on the workplace:

By 2022, one in five workers engaged in mostly nonroutine tasks will rely on AI to do a job.
AI has already been applied to highly repeatable tasks where large quantities of observations and decisions can be analyzed for patterns. However, applying AI to less-routine work that is more varied due to lower repeatability will soon start yielding superior benefits. AI applied to nonroutine work is more likely to assist humans than replace them as combinations of humans and machines will perform more effectively than either human experts or AI-driven machines working alone will.

"Using AI to auto-generate a weekly status report or pick the top five emails in your inbox doesn't have the same wow factor as, say, curing a disease would, which is why these near-term, practical uses go unnoticed," said Craig Rothresearch vice president at Gartner. "Companies are just beginning to seize the opportunity to improve nonroutine work through AI by applying it to general-purpose tools. Once knowledge workers incorporate AI into their work processes as a virtual secretary or intern, robo-employees will become a competitive necessity."

Through 2022, multichannel retailer efforts to replace sales associates through AI will prove unsuccessful, although cashier and operational jobs will be disrupted.
Leveraging technologies such as AI and robotics, retailers will use intelligent process automation to identify, optimize and automate labor-intensive and repetitive activities that are currently performed by humans, reducing labor costs through efficiency from headquarters to distribution centers and stores. Many retailers are already expanding technology use to improve the in-store check-out process.

However, research suggests that many consumers still prefer to interact with a knowledgeable sales associate when visiting a store, particularly in specialized areas such as home improvement, drugstores and cosmetics, where informed associates can make a significant impact on customer satisfaction. Though they will reduce labor used for check-out and other operational activities, retailers will find it difficult to eliminate traditional sales advisers.

"Retailers will be able to make labor savings by eliminating highly repetitive and transactional jobs, but will need to reinvest some of those savings into training associates who can enhance the customer experience," said Robert Heturesearch director at Gartner "As such most retailers will come to view AI as a way to augment customer experiences rather than just removing humans from every process."

In 2021, AI augmentation will generate $2.9 trillion in business value and recover 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity.
While many industries will receive growing business value from AI, manufacturing is one that will receive a massive share of the business value opportunity. Automation will lead to cost savings, while the removal of friction in value chains will increase revenue further, for example, in the optimization of supply chains and go-to-market activities.

However, some industries, such as outsourcing, are seeing a fundamental change in their business models, whereby the cost reduction from AI and the resulting productivity improvement must be reinvested to allow reinvention and the perusal of new business model opportunities.

"AI can take on repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing up humans for other activities, but the symbiosis of humans with AI will be more nuanced and will require reinvestment and reinvention instead of simply automating existing practices," said Mike Rollingsresearch vice president at Gartner. "Rather than have a machine replicating the steps that a human performs to reach a particular judgment, the entire decision process can be refactored to use the relative strengths and weaknesses of both machine and human to maximize value generation and redistribute decision making to increase agility."

Atlas Copco Unveils New and More Efficient Compressors, Light Towers

Atlas Copco, a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions and manufacturer of portable air compressors, waterwell compressors and light towers, today launched new products — for the infrastructure and construction sectors.

The products come with unmatched features such as dual pressure, better fuel efficiency, faster and deeper drilling, versatility and lower carbon footprint along with the right ergonomics and inbuilt features to enhance performance. These forward thinking products ensure safer and more productive sites.

In the portable energy business, Atlas Copco launched its new XRX1350 and XRHS650 waterwell compressors. The XRX 1350 is a compact, dual pressure compressor with 365-425 psi, better fuel efficiency, and faster and deeper drilling. The XRHS 650 dual pressure compressor is the latest addition to the medium air range of waterwell compressors for shallow waterwell drilling.

Atlas Copco’s new HiLight V5+ Light Tower offers advanced LED solutions. It is also the safest and most efficient light tower for road construction, airports, hydropower projects, and mining and construction applications. The HiLight V5+ is the product of intensive research in cutting-edge lighting technology.

Atlas Copco has also introduced a total of seven electric compressor models with different pressure and flow combinations which offer 19% faster drilling with 11% less power consumption as compared with other compressors in its class.

Atlas Copco Managing Director Giovanni Valent said, “India is a very important market for Atlas Copco. Our new product launch is a testimony of our continued interest in the subcontinent and is in line with our focus on the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. Our latest portable air diesel compressors, waterwell compressors, electric compressors and light towers are invested with global technology that helps clients to enhance productivity, meet manufacturing targets, strengthen customer delivery, and achieve business objectives in India.”

Atlas Copco strongly believes that manufacturing has emerged as one of the high-growth sectors in India, which has been acknowledged as one of the great manufacturing hubs in the world.

70 Top BSE Listed Cos Now Use Microsoft Cloud for Digital Transformation

Microsoft today said that 70 of the top 100 Bombay Stock Exchange listed companies are now using Microsoft cloud to drive their digital transformation.

Microsoft works with over 200,000 large, medium and small enterprises, 29 State Governments and over 5000 start-ups in the country. In the last 18 months, the company has seen many these customers start their digital transformation using the hybrid cloud. The only provider of all three clouds – private, public and hybrid – Microsoft has now launched Azure Stack for India.

Azure Stack is an extension of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, and brings the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments and enables entirely new hybrid cloud scenarios. All the major Azure Stack partners HP, Dell, EMC, Lenovo and Cisco, have started shipping Azure Stack to customers in India. A large Azure Stack ready partner ecosystem has been created with partners such as Netmagic, Embee and G7CR.

Microsoft has three of its 42 global datacenters regions located in India at Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. Operating since September 2015 (Microsoft was the first global public cloud provider to offer local cloud services in India), Microsoft was also the first public cloud service provider to be empaneled by Ministry of Information Technology (MeitY) in late 2016. It continues to be a certified cloud provider for Governments in India.

“We are fueling innovation and accelerating India’s digital transformation with our global and local cloud services.  As many mobile-only and cloud-only collaboration and productivity scenarios emerge in the workplace, we are working with our customers and partners to accelerate movement to the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge in the next year, and to help build new engines of growth. Microsoft and our partners are helping customers who want to utilize the full power of our cloud platform and use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT),” said Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India.

“As the pace of digital transformation picks up in 2018, we recognize that many customers prefer to evolve gradually by first moving to a hybrid cloud environment before fully embracing the public cloud. With Azure Stack, we will help our customers move forward in their preferred digital transformation path at a pace they prefer,” he added.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Bowls Mobile Gamers, Scores Over 1.00 Mn Downloads in Less than a Week of Launch

JetSynthesys’ Sachin Saga Cricket Champions today announced a successful milestone of achieving 1.00 Million downloads within a week of its launch. Within less than a week, the cricketing mobile game has become one of the top-most downloaded games on Google Play making it one of the most awaited and popular cricket based game in India.

Launched on December 7 by the Master Blaster himself, the game gives fans an opportunity to relive the legend’s career by stepping into his shoes. “Sachin Saga Cricket Champions” creates a larger than life virtual cricketing experience on a mobile device. Through the technology embedded in the game, the players for the first time can experience real-time shadows and motion captures in a mobile game without hampering the game’s performance.

The pre-registrations for this game opened on Google Play Store on October 1. The game was also featured as #1 by Google on pre-registration amongst top global titles.

Talking about this incredible milestone, Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, JetSynthesys said, “The game has received a stupendous response from cricket lovers across the country. Over the last few months, the team atJetSynthesys has worked meticulously to develop a world class cricketing experience by bringing alive the on-ground magic on mobile phones. The success of the game amongst cricket fans and mobile game lovers validates our efforts.We are elated with the success of the Sachin Saga Champions and are confident that the game will continue garnering traction in the times to come.”

Puravankara, Wockhardt Foundation Join to Bring Innovative Education to Bangalore’s Children

In support of providing education with a meaning, Puravankara Limited and the Wockhardt Foundation joined hands to set up 3 edu-recreational centres in Ulsoor, dedicated to children from marginalized communities. This comes under the Corporate Social Responsibility program of the organization and is an extension of Puravankara’s ongoing initiatives to leverage its existing expertise to create viable impact in the communities they exist. .This unique programme ‘Khel Khel Main’, will engage with children in the age group of six to 12 years, throughout the year to augment daily school learning.

Khel Khel Mein (KKM) is a unique initiative of the Wockhardt Foundation, comprising of Edu-Recreational Centres for underprivileged children. It ensures quality and focussed education inculcating good human values and habits through fun and play.

Puravankara has successfully partnered with Wockhardt in the past and helped infants with congenital heart diseases get life-saving surgeries. The success of which has promoted Puravankara to continue the relationship, thru Wockhardt’s unique offering of Khel Khel Mein Working for the upliftment of children from the marginalised societies has always been a focal point in Puravankara’s CSR program. Associating with Khel Khel Mein allows Puravankara to make strides in the right direction   moving closer towards the larger goal.

Dr. Huz (Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala), CEO & Trustee, Wockhardt Foundation, Amanda Puravankara, Director, Puravankara Limited and Samyukta Horanad, popular award winning Kannada film actress grace the occasion to inaugurate one of the centres in Ulsoor, Bengaluru.

Speaking on the collaboration,  Ashish R. Puravankara, M.D., Puravankara Limited said, “Our children are the nation’s leaders of tomorrow and we as a society are responsible to mould them to become good and responsible citizens. Education is the first step, and through this initiative we plan to provide to these children a fun platform to learn and inculcate good values and habits from an early age. . The commitment and passion demonstrated by Workhardt foundation to empower children by gifting them a healthier and happier future is quite commendable and I am proud to be part of this change. We at Puravankara will continue to play our part in supporting the rights of children from marginalized communities.

Post the inauguration ceremony, actress  Samyukta Horanad spent a few moments interacting with the children at the centre. She said, “It makes me so happy   to be a part of a noble initiative like Khel Khel Mein which gives an opportunity to these children who otherwise may never have had the chance to experience this unique learning methodology.  I am so grateful to Puravankara and Wockhardt for allowing me be a part of this necessary and important endeavour. ”

Adding further to this was Dr. Huz (Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala), CEO, Trustee, Wockhardt Foundation who said, “Every child in this country has the basic right to education. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than being the hands behind shaping the future of a child. The Wockhardt Foundation has long believed and supported the cause of education for the underprivileged.”

Today, Khel Khel Mein operates 26 Edu-Recreational Centres   for the underprivileged children in the slums of Mumbai (16 toy libraries), Delhi NCR (4 toy libraries) and Aurangabad (7 Toy libraries). 

Mphasis Expands Footprint in Western Europe; Launches Digital Capabilities in France

Mphasisa leading IT solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services, today announced it is strengthening its digital footprint in Western Europe by expanding its operations outside Mphasis Wyde in France. The announcement was made at Mphasis Wyde’s 20th year anniversary celebrations in France.

Mphasis’ expanded presence in Europe is a step ahead from its existing business from the Policy Administration Solutions (PAS) operations from Mphasis Wyde. The expansion will enable Mphasis’ clients to leverage the cloud and cognitive capabilities available in the region and help Mphasis build its digital businesses and acquire new customers across industry verticals. By leveraging its X2CTM framework and front-to-back (F2B) transformation approach, Mphasis is able to build on future proofing their clients through its enhanced digital capabilities. 

“Mphasis’ expansion into France is a strategic decision. Our commitment has always been customer-centric and we look forward to digitally transforming our clients businesses in France,” said Dinesh Venugopal, President – Mphasis Direct and Digital. We are positive that our innovative digital roadmap will fuel growth for Mphasis in the region by firing up all engines - including acquiring new clients and enhancing our footprint with existing ones.”

“Technology has been at the forefront of creating seamless customer experiences and driving innovation in the market. Digital transformation shifted the way PAS vendors address the evolving landscape; major investments have been made, improving integration methods, ease of use and upgrading features and functions,” said Nicolas Michellod, Senior analyst, Celent. “Mphasis Wyde continues to progress and expand its customer base in Europe and we expect it to carry on its growth path in the near future,” he added.s

Mphasis Wyde celebrated its 20th anniversary on December 8, 2017 at the Wyde User Conference held in France .

Mphasis serves marquee customers across the globe including 6 top global banks, 11 out of 15 top mortgage lenders, and 3 top global insurance companies. The company has roughly 22,000 employees across 16 countries. Mphasis recently won AIconics Award for Best Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Financial Services, Insight Success America's 20 Most Promising Companies to Watch 2017, 2017 Asia Edition Dream Companies to work for’ Award in the IT and Software category and ‘Imagination’ Category at the 2017 ISG Paragon Awards Europe.

Caterpillar, Kobelco Expands Its Products Portfolio to Help Build a Better India

Caterpillar, the global heavy machinery equipment maker, announced the launch of four new products for the Indian market today at Excon 2017.  With the launch of these new products, Caterpillar aims to deepen its presence in infrastructure, mining and energy sector in India with innovative and cutting-edge technology.

The new range of products include an advanced series of backhoe loaders (426F2and  424B2), Hindustan wheel loader (2021D2) and Cat excavators(336D2 and 349D2), which were displayed alongside Caterpillar’s existing range of products at the prestigious EXCON 2017 that kicked off in Bengaluru today.  Other products showcased at the exhibition include 125 kVA FG Wilson generator set;SEM branded motor graders, wheel loader and dozer;500 KVA generator set;and product support capabilities such as Cat 360°ADVANTAGE, Cat Connect Technology, Product Support (Service Van display), Cat Finance, and Rental & Used Equipment.

The company believes it is uniquely positioned to partner in India’s growth story - especially the “Make in India” initiative - with its wide range of equipment, which is manufactured in India for India and also for the world, state-of-the-art technological solutions, and above, all its unrivalled global experience in project implementation. 

Customers can expect increased productivity with an improved operator environment, better fuel efficiency and more reliability from the new range of backhoe loaders. 426 F2 and 424 B2.Pump flow in a superior hydraulic system delivers excellent hydraulic performance at the operator’s fingertips.

“At EXCON 2017, we are launching products to expand our presence in the Indian market.  Our decision to launch new products to add to our existing segments demonstrates our resolve to contribute to the India growth story,” said Vivek Vanmeeganathan, Country Head and Managing Director, Caterpillar India.

New Cat products including excavators, backhoe loaders along with existing products are well positioned to meet the demands of the Indian market, overcoming challenges pertaining to unfriendly topography, weather conditions, tough terrain and high altitude. 

He further added, “For over 35 years, from A Series to the new F2 Series, we have produced backhoe loaders that are designed with the operator in mind, providing reliability, power and a quality operator environment. The Cat 426F2 backhoe loader continues this tradition, providing a machine to help the growth of business. A large number of infrastructure projects, especially highways, energy and rail projects, are currently underway in several parts of the country. Initiatives such as Smart Cities, Clean Ganga and Swachh Bharat offer huge potential for us to deepen our presence with cutting-edge technology and solutions.”

Commenting on Caterpillar's participation at EXCON 2017, Amit Bansal, Sales Director, Building Construction Products, Caterpillar India said, "“The 426F2 features the Cat C4.4 engine. The engine is a four cylinder, four stroke direct injection turbocharged, inter-cooled and equipped with standard glow plug starting for optimal cold weather performance. This provides reliable starting performance down to –26°C,” he said.

The 9th edition of EXCON 2017, South Asia’s largest construction equipment and construction technology trade fair, is being organised in Bengaluru from December 12-16, 2017.

Besides the advanced loaders, Caterpillar is also showcasing its new excavator Cat 336D2 and 349D2. Other machines that will be on display at the trade fair would include excavators, motor graders and track type tractors.

Cat excavators are equipped with unique features that enable them to undertake complex tasks in tough terrains. These excavators are best in class in performance and safety features. The machines will be instrumental in working on construction and road building projects across India.

With 3210 kg payload, new Hindustan series wheel loaders 2021D2 also come with improved operator environment and a highly reliable and fuel efficient engine. The 2021D2 wheel loaders provide higher productivity with improved lift height and the lowest operational cost.

Andy Dhanaraj, Sales Director, Global Construction and Infrastructure, Caterpillar India said, “Cat machines are equipped with advanced technological capability and have demonstrated positive results in difficult terrains in many parts of the world. We have been manufacturing in India for more than four decades; today there are six manufacturing facilities throughout India in Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra.” 


Kobelco Construction Equipment India Pvt. Ltd (KCEI) is one of the Main Sponsors of this year’s EXCON being held at Bengaluru, India from the Dec 12 to 16, 2017. They are strategically located at Outdoor Stall # 45 in the Orange Lot with a 1,290 Sq. M. area.
The main theme for the event will be POWER meets EFFICIENCY, which happens to be the tag line for the Generation 10 Series. This year also marks the completion of 10 great years for the KOBELCO Brand in India. The Company has been able to establish itself as a reliable player with a strong support network of Dealers having over 120 touchpoints across the country. 

(KCEI) is a subsidiaryof Kobelco Construction Machinery Co. Limited, Japan (KCMJ). It supplies a wide
range of Hydraulic Excavators ranging from 14T to 85T. KCEI commenced its operations in India in February 2007 with its latest offering of “Series 8” Hydraulic Excavators. These are equipped with the latest Tier III Engines, which are most Fuel efficient and Environment friendly. Kobelco Hydraulic Excavators were developed after exhaustive field studies and analysis of applications and onsite working condition. Kobelco products have a proud history of excellent service and innovative technology. KOBELCO offers technologies that make effective use of unutilized natural resources.

KCMJ. Specializes in hydraulic excavators. It is dedicated to developing unique products with a focus on high fuel efficiency and low-noise features to meet diverse customer needs. KCMJ is focusing on fast-growing markets such as China, Southeast Asia, and India bolstering its global presence.

KCEI constructed a new excavator plant at Sri City in Andhra Pradesh which started operations in 2011. It is another step in the long-term commitment of Kobelco to the Indian Market and its belief in establishing a leadership position in India. The company is committed to comprehensively fulfill customer needs and expectations.

Presently, the Product Range of Hydraulic Excavators in India includes

KCEI has kept a major focus on Customer satisfaction and supports its products with Warranty & Post Warranty Services. It has a wide Dealer Network of nearly 100 Service & Parts Outlets across the Country to extend genuine Service & Spare Parts supported by 28 Offices located across India.