Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Zendesk Launches Discord Integration Enabling Seamless Gaming Experience for Customers

Zendesk, Inc. has announced an integration with Discord that makes it easier for game developers and publishers to solve customer service issues directly in Discord without interrupting game time.

With the launch of this integration, gamers or community moderators can now open a Zendesk support ticket directly from Discord, a fast-growing free voice, video, and text chat application used by more than 46 million gamers a month. Historically, gamers have had to email, call or reach out on social media for issues like reporting a bug. This would take them away from their game, resulting in poorly executed and fragmented customer experiences. With the Zendesk Discord integration, gamers can now reach customer service from within the Discord app, creating more efficiency and allowing agents to track, solve and report customer service issues without interrupting the gaming experience.

The Zendesk Discord integration extends Zendesk’s omnichannel service to the popular gaming app, where Discord users send more than 530 million messages a day. Zendesk’s omnichannel customer service offering helps customer service teams manage communication with customers across any channel they choose, including email, chat, phone, self-service channels, popular messaging apps and collaboration services like Slack.

"The Discord integration is one of the first-of-its kind in the gaming industry, and another example of how Zendesk enables companies to engage with customers where they are,” said Mikkel Svane, Founder and CEO, Zendesk. "Gaming companies are now able to engage with their customers on the most popular gaming communications channel without interrupting their experience."

The integration also opens up opportunities for gaming company customer service and experience teams to focus on expedited service, allowing game developers to create new and more engaging ways to connect with players. For example, if a player experiences a bug or a crash, they can report it to the game’s customer service team in real time allowing developers to collect feedback as things happen.

”Everything at Discord is focused on how we improve gaming experiences for our superfans and seamless customer support is a huge part of that,” said Eros Resmini, CMO, Discord. “This Zendesk integration takes advantage of valuable real-time communication with customers and allows game makers a modern, more efficient way to support their players. As long time supporters and customers of Zendesk, we’re excited to see gaming communities benefit from integrations like these.”

According to Zendesk’s own Benchmark data, customers across the board supported via an integrated omnichannel offering experience 31 percent faster first resolution times. For gamers, this means they can get back to playing the game faster; and for agents, it means they can handle a larger volume of support tickets.

GREENPANEL Launches Club Grade HDF - Perfect Substitute to Plywood.

GREENPANEL (part of Greenply Industries), India’s largest wood panel manufacturer, has launched Club Grade HDF (High density fiber board). An extremely strong and heavy-duty board, Club Grade HDF is water resistant board manufactured in state-of-the-art plants, using German technology.

GREENPANEL CLUB GRADE HDF board is your perfect substitute for plywood and first choice for applications in moisture prone areas like kitchen and bathrooms.  Made from high density fibre, these boards are anti-fungal, and borer resistant too, making them the first choice when it comes to doing the interiors for your house. The choice of raw materials coupled with quality checks at every stage of manufacturing makes these HDF boards extremely strong, highly resistant to water and perfect choice for humid areas. Made from High-density fibre, GREENPANEL Club Grade HDF Boards are the first choice for many architects and designers.

Due to its fibrous homogeneous construction GREENPANEL Club Grade HDF can be profiled, carved, moulded and routed easily, which is a difficult task with Plywood. It has a higher density than local plywood, resulting in more strength and compactness. By virtue of its constitution, it is termite and borer resistant unlike Plywood which is vulnerable to woodworm.

Moreover, the GREENPANEL Club Grade HDF is extremely cost-effective and comes at half the price of BWP Plywood making it the perfect substitute for Plywood.+

UL Designated as Conformity Assessment Body by Telecommunication Engineering Centre

UL, an independent global safety science company announced today that the Telecommunications Engineering Centre (TEC), a nodal agency of the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India, has designated UL as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB). With this recognition, UL can enable players in the telecom sector to test to the Essential Requirements (ER) for certification by TEC. Telecom equipment manufacturers, importers and dealers can now submit their products at the UL’s Centres of Excellence in Gurugram and Bengaluru for testing and gain the certification from TEC.

UL’s designation as CAB comes ahead of Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE) procedure that will be enforced from October this year. According to the Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules, 2017, prior to sale, import of use in India, every telecom equipment must undergo mandatory testing by accredited laboratories in India designated by the TEC. The TEC will then award the certificate, based on the test reports issued by these laboratories. With a validity of five years, the TEC certification mark should be obtained only once for one type of equipment.

Commenting on the accreditation, Suresh Sugavanam, vice president and managing director for South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa at UL, said, “The telecom sector in India has undergone dramatic changes over the past decade. While foreign direct investment in the sector has nearly doubled in the last five years, India’s smartphone segment is one of the fastest growing in the world, attracting top global players. The high demand for telecom products, increasing technology disruption and proliferation in the industry is driving the need for regulation in India. It is heartening that the TEC has anticipated the risks that come with development and has created an all-encompassing certification scheme to address the safety, performance and security concerns of telecom products, services and networks.”

“As a member of several technical committees of the TEC, UL has established a fruitful partnership with the technical body, where we share our international expertise in product safety, security and sustainability. With our recognition as a Conformity Assessment Body, we are committed to support the players in the industry meet the regulatory requirements to gain market access in this highly competitive environment. Given the emerging health and performance concerns like radio frequency emissions and equipment degradation when connected to service networks, our efforts will ultimately benefit the end consumers, who can enjoy products that conform to relevant standards”, he added.  

The technical regulations prescribed by TEC will govern an array of telecom products from mobile handsets to Wi-Fi routers. The specifications outline testing for electrical and fire safety, performance and technical parameters like Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), Radio Frequency (RF), Security Requirements, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

Fast-Fashion Startup Ralph Pierre is Transforming Indian Watch Market

In India, the watch market is dominated by brands like Titan, Casio, FastTrack, Fossil etc. Ralph Pierre, a new entrant in watch market is here to provide a strong competition with premium quality watches at affordable prices.

Ralph Pierre, a new fast fashion watch brand by Incosi Fashions is bringing transparency in the Indian fast fashion market to end customers. The brand has launched a premium collection of Men and Women watches that people can easily buy at affordable prices. The watches are inspired from trending European designs and are powered by Japanese CITIZEN Miyota Movement and SONY® battery to make them one of the best products in the market segment. Ralph Pierre watches comes with 1 year manufacturing warranty.

Indian youth is demanding quality products at the best prices. With an improved living standard and exposure to worldwide fashion, there is a growing demand for fashion goods that meet international standards both in quality and design.

Ralph Pierre products are available on their website and all the popular market places. One can find the details about the cost of each and every part that goes into the making of the respective watch. By doing this, Ralph Pierre is helping people in understanding that they don’t have to pay through their nose to own a Premium Quality watch. Generally, an end customer pays a hefty amount owing to the several intermediaries and their respective markups. Ralph Pierre is cutting down the middleman and hence bringing a Premium watch to the end customer at an affordable price.

“Ralph Pierre believes in transparency and that’s why we reveal every small step to our customers” - Shubham Khare - Cofounder. He added, “Ralph Pierre bridges the gap between the quality and affordability in the fast fashion segment. It has been launched with watches for now and soon other fashion categories are to be added. With trendy international designs and aggressive pricing, Ralph Pierre provides a viable option to users to own quality trendy fashion goods at reasonable prices.”

Outlook of Indian Banking Sector to Stay Negative: Fitch Report

The outlook for the country’s banking sector is likely to remain negative until its capital position strengthens in proportion to the bad loans and weak financial performances, according to Fitch Ratings.

The rating agency said the $151-billion stock of bad loans remains a risk for the sector’s weak income base, which is vulnerable to ageing provisions and slower non-performing loans (NPLs) resolution.

“Outlook on the Indian banking sector is likely to remain negative until the banks address their weak core capital positions against mounting bad debt and poor financial performance,” it said in a report.

The capital position of state-run banks banks is most at risk, with the core capital ratios of 11 of the 21 public sector banks (PSBs) below the 8% common equity tier 1 (CET1) regulatory minimum that will come into place at the end of FY19, according to the report.

The rating agency believes the country’s banks will need $40-55 billion in additional capital to meet the Basel-III requirements by 2019.

Of this, the state-run banks will require the bulk of the amount and most of the capital is likely to be used for meeting minimum capital requirements and absorbing non-performing loans provisions, around three quarters of which are in the form of CET1, the report said. Fitch Ratings said the government is likely to be forced into providing most of the required capital, since capital raising remain challenging due to state-owned banks’ weak equity valuations.

Last October, the government had announced Rs 2.11 lakh crore capital infusion programme for the state-run banks, spread over two fiscals years - 2017-18 and 2018-19.

As per the plan, the PSBs were to get Rs 1.35 lakh crore through re-capitalisation bonds, and the balance Rs 58,000 crore through raising of capital from the market.

Out of the Rs 1.35 lakh crore, the government has already infused about Rs 71,000 crore through recap bonds in the banks and balance would be done during FY19.

The report further said that banks’ credit costs rose sharply following regulatory changes aimed at accelerating bad-loan recognition. It resulted in losses that cumulatively eroded nearly all of the $13 billion in government capital injected in FY18, adding to capital positions which were already weak, the report said.

Over 1000 Students Participate in TCS IT-Quiz in Bengaluru

The TCS IT Wiz 2018, an inter-school quiz competition conducted by the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), was held on August 7 at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall, and saw over 1,000 students from various schools participate.

The quiz on the growing significance of technology was open to students studying from class 8-12 and is free for students. It was conducted in two steps - the prelims and the regional finals - and students were to take part in teams consisting of two members from each college.

IT, gaming, software, animation were among the topics covered here. The winners, Sucheth Hegde and M Rajashekar of St Paul’s English school, were awarded gift vouchers worth Rs 60,000, gold medals and a trophy.

The second place was won by Aryan Patel and Pranav Prabhu of PSSB Learning leadership Academy who were awarded silver medals, trophy and gift vouchers worth Rs 40,000.

The quiz is to be held at 11 other cities namely Hydrabad, Ahamadabad, Chennai, Indore, Kolkata, Nagpur, Buvaneshwar, Kochi, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune.

Monday, August 13, 2018

50+ NextGen Vakrangee Kendras Launched in Mumbai Metropolitan Region

Vakrangee Ltd., launches their first 50+ NextGen Vakrangee Kendras in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The company has launched these new stores or Kendras in the sub-urban and semi-rural areas of Mumbai. Since its inception in 2011, Vakrangee Kendra has evolved from being a non-exclusive store with a single line of service to today into an exclusive digital convenience store model providing access to multi line of services spread across Banking, ATM, Insurance, Financial services, E-Commerce, E-Governance and Logistics.

The Next Gen Kendras boast of a modern and standardized format with a uniform look and feel in all the Kendras aimed towards building consistent service levels and uniform consumer experience. This model also embodies technological advancements such as mandatory ATMs that enable the ease of financial transactions; centralized monitoring with the help of CCTV Cameras which would provide remote assistance to the pan-India Kendras, digital advertising through digital signage for brand partners, along with biometric and pin pad devices to enable all kind of payments mechanisms. The company is focused to upgrade all the existing 45,000+ outlets over the next few months. 

According to Dinesh Nandwana, MD & CEO, Vakrangee Ltd, “The launch of these 50+ Next Gen Vakrangee Kendras in the MMR region is the first milestone in our journey towards up-gradation of entire 45,000+ outlets.  With our progressive efforts and affirmative response from our franchisees, there will be a further 4000+ outlets upgrading before Diwali and we thereafter, have proposed to upgrade all the existing 45000+ Kendras that are spread all across the country, into the NextGen Model. We wish to simplify a customer’s purchase journey. Hence, we believe under our Vision2020 of setting up 75000 Vakrangee Kendras all over India covering each pin code by the year 2020; we aim at providing all types of services under one roof.  We believe that the key to winning the future is convenience and we will strive towards this by being the equalizer, who enables brands to reach the underserved population in India.”

With this behemoth undertaking, the company has not only increased its viability by providing a bouquet of services to the customers but also is a step towards bringing about employment, equality and minimizing the rural-urban disparity.  This being an evolution in the Rutail (rural retail) sector of India; Vakrangee, with this launch, also focuses on creating a separate and a stronger brand identity across India. Vakrangee aims to be the most trustworthy physical as well as online convenience-store across India, positively moving towards Vakrangee Kendra’s new brand philosophy of ‘AB Poori Duniya Pados Mein’.

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