Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Honeywell's Safer, Smarter and More Productive Smart City Technology Now Plays in 65 Cities and Towns

Honeywell is already playing a defining role in the growth of India’s 100 Smart Cities. We are strategic partners with state governments and local authorities to implement our Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled citywide security and surveillance systems, including the installation of 10,000 closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs), emergency response solutions, automatic number plate reading system (ANPR), and intelligent traffic management technologies at work in 65 cities and towns across the country. Our sensors capture data, analyze it, and turn it into information that enables better situational awareness for decision makers, aiding their smart city and surveillance goals.

A Leader in Large-Scale City Surveillance Projects.

Bhubaneswar Smart City Initiative: In February 2015, we installed 114 closed-circuit television cameras at 28 strategic locations in the city to help boost security, prevent crime, and control traffic in Bhubaneswar. Click here to read more.

Aurangabad City Surveillance Project: In the same year, Honeywell India installed 30 fixed cameras, 10 pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, 180-degree directional cameras, a CCTV control room, and monitoring center across 30 locations in Aurangabad.

Madhya Pradesh 11-City Wide Surveillance: Later, Honeywell India secured its second largest integrated city surveillance project, spanning 823 locations across 11 cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh that entailed installation of 4,200 cameras, including ANPR cameras, and monitoring via a command and control room, supported by software and servers across 80 locations, and surveillance systems on public call response (PCR) vans.

Ujjain Simhastha Mahakumbh: At the Simhastha Mahakumbh in Ujjain, a gathering of 70 million devotees, Honeywell helped the Madhya Pradesh police department in city surveillance and emergency response technology. 667 video cameras were installed across 134 locations in the city to help the authorities in traffic and crowd management at checking bays, ghats, temples, and ashrams. 

Rajkot Smart City and Surveillance Initiative: Recently, Honeywell deployed more than 450 integrated closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) and Wi-Fi at 13 key public places, supported by software and servers across 107 strategic locations in the city. The surveillance system was formally launched by Shri Vijaybhai R. Rupani, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Gujarat, in the presence of Shri Banchhanidhi Pani (IAS), Municipal Commissioner, Rajkot, and Shri Anupam Singh Gehlot, Police Commissioner, Rajkot. Click here to read more.

Honeywell Command and Control Platform

Honeywell Command and Control Platform (CCP) optimizes the safety and security management of a city through Incident Management, Analytics, Geographic Information System, and Enterprise Dashboards. With rapid access to information, enhanced contextual awareness, and ease of use, CCP helps regulate city surveillance operations. It is a flexible system open for future growth and expansions. 

When critical incidents occur, it’s crucial to make the right decisions in a predictable and traceable way. CCP guides users through emergency situations, to help reduce risk and promote continuity of city-wide surveillance systems. It also helps to manage, contain, and reduce risk by employing advanced user-experience design and collaborative workflows across multiple devices.

Cities are growing and getting enabled with connected devices – making it difficult to keep a pulse on the workings of the integrated safety and security systems. Interactive dashboards give insight into the efficiency and energy performance of city surveillance systems in real-time. Customizable, user-friendly dashboards give intelligent visualizations of operating parameters, historical trends, and performance data.

As 100 Electric Buses Will Hit the Streets, Gurugram will Experience Quiter Roads Shortly

The Board of Directors of Gurugram Metropolitan City Bus Limited (GMCBL) will add 100 hundred electric buses to the streets of Gurugram soon. By virtue of their hub and spoke modus operandi, electric buses seem to be the only immediately implementable electric vehicle technology in India. 

Despite the fact that they cost almost 3-4 times more than a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) buses, their impact on the environment has urged the government to issue a large number of incentive schemes to encourage manufacturers and local governors to make and sell buses cheaply to government authorities in India. Thus far, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Manali, Kolkata and Bangalore have gone the electric transport way under the government’s FAME (Faster Adoption of Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles). As a part of the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan, FAME has a corpus of about US$ 123 million (Rs 800 crore) to invest in electric mobility based initiatives. This fund was allocated for the duration of two years. However, an extension is being requested. DHI is considering all proposals on priority.

Gurugram is the latest to get on the electric bus brigade adding 100 buses to the streets with deliberation, setting a target of another 300 by mid-next year, bringing the grand total to 400 buses in Gurugram by mid-2019. Gurugram ’s booming cyber city is home to thousands of young-urban professionals in need of reliable and comfortable last mile connectivity, a task that these 100 electric buses will set out to complete. Of the first lot of buses to be added for 100 electric AC buses and 100 non-AC low floor buses have been made in the requisite. GMCBL intend to bring the total to 400 Electric buses that will ply the streets of Gurugram by next year. And while the tenders have not been awarded yet, expect the usual list of contenders the likes of, BYD-Goldstone, Tata, Mahindra and Ashok Leyland to compete for the manufacture and these Electric buses.

The Government of India unveiled National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 to accelerate the growth of the electric and hybrid components of the automotive sector. It focuses primarily on fast-tracking the manufacturing and introduction of EVs in India. The Department of Heavy Industries (DHI) had launched FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles) in April 2015 to promote manufacturing of electric and hybrid vehicles in India. Both schemes in conjecture should, in theory, see us meet our target of 30% Electrification by 2030.

ITC Infotech & PTC Colloborate to Offer Augmented Reality Solutions Using Vuforia

ITC Infotech, a global-scale, full-service provider of technology solutions and a fully-owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd, has  strengthened its long-standing collaboration with PTC, a leading global software company, to offer   the industry's most advanced and widely adopted  Augmented Reality solutions  using PTC’ world-class AR platform Vuforia. PTC helps companies design, manufacture, operate, and service things in a smart, connected world.

As PTC’s first Vuforia managed services provider and a member of PTC Vuforia’s Preferred Developer Program (PDP), ITC Infotech will drive adoption of PTC’s world-class Augmented Reality (AR) Vuforia technology platform by delivering high-fidelity Vuforia solutions to unlock value across global enterprises.

Augmented Reality is emerging as one of the most sought after technologies among enterprises today. Michael E. Porter, Harvard University, and James E. Heppelmann, PTC’s CEO envisaged the growing significance of AR in an article in The Harvard Business Review, November-December 2017 edition entitled “AR will become the new interface between humans and machines.” According to authors of the article, “Pioneering organizations are already implementing it in product development, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, service, and training—and are seeing major gains in quality and productivity”.

AR bridges the digital and physical worlds to create value across an enterprise. The value AR applications deliver rises exponentially when coupled with IoT data and analytics, rendering truly transformative experiences and driving enterprises to completely re-imagine how they design, produce, sell, operate and service their products.

Barry F. Cohen, Ph.D., Chief Strategy Officer and Executive VP, PTC, adds, “The potential for AR technology is significant across all industries, with market growth rates in high double-digits. As our trusted partner for over 17 years, we are pleased to see ITC become our first Vuforia services partner and join the Vuforia Preferred Developer Program. We are confident that ITC will deliver AR solutions that enable customers to unlock value across their businesses, leveraging their industry expertise and proficiency in the PTC product suite.”

According to International Data Corporation’ (IDC) Worldwide Semiannual Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide, worldwide spending on augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) is expected to reach $17.8 billion in 2018, with an estimated five year annually compounded growth rate (CAGR) of 98.8% during 2017-2021. PTC is well-positioned to lead this growth with its world-class Vuforia technology that enables enterprises to develop and adopt AR solutions to drive superior customer experiences and transform business performance.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sushma Rajagopalan, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, ITC Infotech, said, “AR will revolutionize the way we connect and interact with products and systems. We have the first mover advantage in bringing PTC’s world class AR Vuforia technology to market. As an extension of our on-going investments in developing AR solutions, ITC Infotech is delighted to partner with PTC in leading the way for faster adoption of Augmented Reality solutions in the industry. We are accelerating AR solutions development focus to create value at scale.”

As a PTC Preferred Development Partner for Vuforia, ITC Infotech will work closely with PTC’s global developer community to create AR solutions across such industries such as manufacturing, automotive, industrial, retail, consumer goods, healthcare and hospitality. ITC Infotech and PTC plan to develop joint go-to-market strategies to accelerate enterprise adoption of AR technologies leveraging PTC’s ThingWorx Co-Innovation labs and digital solutions Innoruption Labs.

Vivid Sydney 2018: The Biggest Celebration of Lights, Music and Art

This summer make the most of your holidays and head to Sydney to be a part of the biggest celebration of lights, music and ideas at Vivid Sydney. The 23 day long multi-award-winning winter festival will see Sydney illuminate with creativity and innovation with works by some of the world’s most famous artists.  This edition of Vivid Sydney has an interesting line-up of iconic performances by Australian and international superstars like Solange, Iron & Wine, Ice Cube and many more.

The 10th edition of the festival promises to get bigger and better. For the first time, Vivid's stunning Light Walk will extend to Luna Park, where the iconic Ferris wheel will be lit up. 

The Sydney Opera House will be embellished with so many colours and patterns that it will take your breath away while the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge will be adorned with a synchronized lighting display, as vessels adorned with brilliant LED lighting pass through parts of the grid, colours on the Bridge will change simultaneously.

Tap your feet and groove to a set of varied tunes ranging from jazz, rock, indie to music by contemporary artists. The one-of-its kind cultural festivals will witness some of the biggest  game changers and creative thinkers including  Oscar winning director, James Cameron, world famous skater and environment activist Peggy Oki explore and discuss various future shaping scenarios in the most creative manner. So come and partake in the celebration of lights, music, art, ideas and of course life!

To book your tickets and embark on the journey of a lifetime, log on to: VIVID SYDNEY 

SAP HANA: Helping Businesses Increase Revenue in India

With more than 365,000 customers in 180 countries, SAP is often referred to as the “heart and lungs” of business operations, managing everything from Processes and logistics to HR and Finance. 

The SAP cloud migration market is heating up, driven by enterprises moving to SAP HANA and S/4HANA, the latest version of the company’s in-memory database and application suite. Faced with a significant capital expense to refresh and upgrade on-premise hardware to support the new database and applications, the time to move SAP to the cloud is now.

SAP Hana delivering Return on Investment- Initially businesses struggled to achieve measurable ROI with SAP Hana. However now, this is no longer the case. Studies reveals that 68% of Hana projects are now achieving ROI for the business. Interestingly, organisations are mostly achieving ROI through Cloud-based IT services, with the majority of Hana deployments being hosted in the Public Cloud. In fact, 88% of production Hana instances are in the Public Cloud versus 79% of non-production data.  

iVVO Unveils Beatz IV1805 Smart Feature Phone with Smartphone-like App Store

The cost-effective smart feature phone does not compromise in terms of feature or specifications, and has long-lasting battery life, rear camera, Bluetooth, wireless FM, and smartphone-like app store!

On a mission to eliminate the prevailing digital disparity between rural and urban India, iVVO, a pioneering communications brand and the latest entrant in the Indian mobile phone market, has launched its dual-SIM smart feature phone Beatz IV1805 for Rs. 600. iVVO is a subsidiary of BRITZO, a brand that recently claimed its fame by spearheading multiple state-of-the-art innovations across ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) that are primarily aimed at the rural Indian audience.

The latest offering from iVVO has been launched under the product category ‘Beatz’, which features a wide range of smart offerings developed for music-friendly rural customers. The cost effective smart feature phone boasts of App Store ‘iVVO Smart Store’ enabling the consumer to download & enjoy a wide range of apps, games, music and videos.

The cost-effective smart feature phone even does not compromise in terms of other features and comes loaded with 1.8” display, 1,000 mAh battery, MP3 and MP4 players, wireless FM, rear camera, GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity, one-touch music access, and a memory expandable up to 32 GB. Moreover, the smart mobile phone has integrated regional language support to further catalyze digital adoption amongst Indian rural geographies – all at a maximum retail price of Rs. 600!

Pradipto Ganguly, CEO & Co founder, BRITZO, said, “We are very delighted to announce the launch of Beatz IV1805, as it drives us one step closer to fulfilling the vision of facilitating digital enablement for India’s rural heartland. We are confident that Beatz IV1805, with its innovative features and superior cost-effectiveness, will do justice to our overarching goal of digitizing the Indian rural geographies and to our brand motto ‘to bring a peace of mind within our customers’ lives. We are also backing the product with after-sales service and are assertive that our approach will yield the desired results.”

iVVO is extending a product warranty of 455 days on the newly-launched Beatz IV1805. iVVO has a strong nationwide after-sales service presence with its broad pan-India network of about 900 service centres. Besides IV1805, the Beatz portfolio already hosts IV2401, another Smart feature phone with non conventional features. The broader objective of iVVO and its parent organization BRITZO is to bring a complete reversal of the present market order. In other words, the company is developing disruptive technologies for rural consumers across India and will make it trickle down to the urban market, rather than doing it the other way round. With its recently-launched cost-effective offering, it appears that this reversal of order is precisely where the brand is headed towards.

Driving an Open Edge Computing Infrastructure through Wind River Titanium Cloud Code Contributions

Intel and Wind River previously announced our intent to open source components from the Wind River Titanium Cloud portfolio. Today we are pleased to deliver on that commitment with code being up streamed in a new open source project called StarlingX, hosted by the OpenStack Foundation.

Wind River Titanium Cloud was built on open source components, which are then extended and targeted to be hardened to address critical infrastructure requirements: high availability, fault management, and performance management needed for continuous 24/7 operation. Wind River Titanium Cloud also includes the low latency, high performance, scalability, and security needed for edge and IoT workloads.

Through the StarlingX project, we are opening many of these enhancements with the hope others find this a good reference platform upon which to innovate. Intel and Wind River invite the community to contribute code and looks forward to working together to define the infrastructure stack for edge computing and accelerating integration across many existing open source projects including cloud native technologies. By upstreaming these enhancements directly under the OpenStack Foundation, we can work closely with the OpenStack community to minimize technical debt and help speed downstream implementation.

The code available via the StarlingX project will:

Provide service management, REST APIs and process monitoring
Deliver standalone fault management service including extensions to OpenStack Horizon
Provide software repository management, patching, upgrade, backup, and restore services
Include bare metal management, a next-generation Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) along with VIM helper components, the OpenStack Nova API proxy, and guest API infrastructure

Additional code contributions not up streamed to existing projects will deliver capabilities through sub-projects under the StarlingX to provide critical functionality: service management, fault management, software and lifecycle management, bare metal installation and management, and configuration management.

The StarlingX project will work closely with cross-industry edge usages. Beyond networking and enterprise, a prime opportunity is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Historically an area with highly-specialized solutions tailored to specific functions, customers and partners are embracing the value of virtualized edge compute. By addressing common requirements through an open community, StarlingX can enable the innovation to power robust, commercially-supported solutions, and we look forward to working with solution providers and integrators to meet these demands.

We plan to work closely with the Akraino Edge Stack to drive standards and integrate multiple upstream components using a common framework for edge computing. We expect Akraino will play an important midstream integration role for many of these types of upstream and open source components, by building blueprints for a range of industry uses.

We expect businesses will benefit from the capabilities in the StarlingX project through streamlined installation, commissioning, and maintenance of edge compute solutions. The operational complexity of current solutions, combined with the specialized IT knowledge required to deploy them, has been a barrier for Communications Service Providers looking to fully capitalize on the business opportunities of edge applications. Wind River Titanium Cloud technology contributed to the StarlingX project streamlines installation, commissioning, and maintenance of edge compute solutions and simplifies these processes through automation, helping businesses minimize cost, lower risk, and reduce staffing needed for edge deployments.

We invite you to join this exciting, ground-breaking work. Download the StarlingX source code, try it out, and join the discussion at starlingx.io. For those of you at OpenStack Summit in Vancouver BC this week, be sure to stop by the Intel booth to learn more.