Saturday, July 14, 2018

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Fortifies Commitment for Social Cause with Installation of 21st Water Purification Unit in Karnataka

Aligned with its mission to support and provide valuable benefit to the communities, Toyota Kirloskar Motor recently inaugurated its 23rd community based water purification unit at Primary health Centre in Bidadi region [Ramanagara District]. The facility will provide purified water of highest quality for a nominal amount of Rs. 1 per litre to benefit the villagers in the region.

With this, Toyota Kirloskar Motor has installed a total of 23 units in Bangalore, Mandya, Ramanagara and 2 units in North India catering to around 7,000 beneficiaries per unit. 

The newly set up unit has a 1,000 liter per hour capacity accompanied with a minimum 6-stage purification system and dispenses 5,000 to 6,000 litres per day. With a first ever advanced feature - Water Quality Standards & Consumption Data Display, the client can easily access from their location without visiting the site to assess the filtration quality standards of the water [TDS, PH contents] for delivering the high standards of purified water to the community members. Also, the advanced app based filtration system will provided water consumption data on daily basis to ensure the cause reaching the affected.

In addition, the installed unit is equipped with solar system, power backup, wastewater management, and 250 ML cup water dispensing with paper cup vending machine among others. The wastewater generated will be discharged into the recharge soak pit after ensuring compliance to waste water quality standards thus ensuring no water waste efficiently contributing to recharging the aquifer. 

The uniqueness of this initiative has been the assessment & installation of the water purification unit in such identified location which not only caters to the general public for domestic purposes, but also specifically catering to the ailing patients at the Health Care Centre whose water requirements would be more specific to medical needs for healthy recovery & further prevention of possible water borne diseases. Thus, such intervention ensures a larger outreach to beneficiaries of different categories.

Another specialty of this advanced technology are the multi-purpose water dispensing methodology & end-to-end cleanliness of safe drinking water consumption:
- Ensure ‘Zero Water Waste’ whereby the beneficiaries have the option to dispense water depending on their water quantity requirements each time they desire to source water [Rs. 1/- per 250 mililitre, Rs. 5/- per 20 litres, etc.]
- The “Negative Ion Water” dispenser will cater to the specific needs of the Hospital located near the water unit largely benefitting the patients who require alkaline water which neutralizes the body acidity, thus help restore vital minerals in the body for healthy recovery. Such mineral reserves in the water boosts the immunity in the body and resist diseases. Also, the cost of water consumption at the hospital will reduce to bare minimum, while they were sourcing such water at exorbitant price of appxm. Rs. 150 – Rs. 300 per litre on an average. Toyota has been able to effectively support the affordability of required quantity & quality of water by contributing towards reduction of 98% of the total cost for such water being sourced through other vendors at the health centre. Such water can be dispensed from Toyota installed water purification unit at mere cost of Rs. 1 per litre, which is just 2% of the total cost spent by the hospital for such water standards
- Such installed water unit comes with a special feature which washes and cleans the water cans/containers of the beneficiaries before dispensing the water into such possible unclean water storage. This way further water contamination is prevented serving the real purpose of clean water use at the beneficiaries end too. This water system ensures end-to-end purified water for multi-purposes and ultimate consumption of safe water 

Commenting on the new unit launch, Naveen Soni, Vice President - Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, “Access to safe drinking water is a serious issue affecting people of all ages, especially for those living in remote communities where the availability of improved water sources is limited. Our aim is to enrich the society with endeavors that are relevant and meaningful with each initiative reflecting uniqueness towards achieving the social cause.

Further to our earlier Health & Hygiene projects in providing safe drinking water, through this specific initiative, we have moved one step ahead by cautiously assessing the potential needs of the community in terms of desired quantity and quality of water to meet different consumption patterns through in-built choices of such installed unit, catering to multiple beneficiaries be it ailing patient and or general public, etc., covering holistic use of safe water for domestic/medical necessities. In true sense, we at Toyota adopt such sustainable & integrated approach enabling larger outreach of our social contributions to bring in the real difference amongst people lives, without limiting our interventions.”

In the past, Toyota Kirloskar Motor has installed water purification units at Byramangala, Ramanahalli, Bidadi, Manchanayakana halli, and Harohalli Grama Panchayats and one each in Varanasi and Vaishali to cater to the drinking water requirement of villages in Bidadi. 

Besides Water Purifying units, Toyota over the years, has undertaken several social projects in the fields of Education, Primary Healthcare, sanitation etc., contributing positively to the society marking a meaningful difference in their lives. The company’s efforts include rebuilding a local residential school, construction of water tanks in rural Bangalore and launch of Mobile medical unit for the sustained intervention in health care system with focus on providing the basic medical equipment to the Primary Health Centers. Besides, the company has undertaken several sustainable flagship programs such as Development of Model School, Lake Rejuvenation, Project ABCD [A Behavioral Change Demonstration] on school sanitation, Toyota Safety Education Programme, Driving Safety Training Programs, etc. 

Toyota remains committed to bring in more enriching and sustainable CSR projects for the holistic development of the community members, thus effectively contribute to the underlying cause of positive societal growth.

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