Monday, July 2, 2018

Freelance Marketplace Fixpocket Raises US$ 250,000 Seed Funding

The internet-based startup Fixpocket secured USD 250,000 seed funding from La Gajjar Group, a private investment group based in Ahmedabad. Following the venture, the two companies together formed Kasova Ventues Private Limited, which currently owns and operates Fixpocket.

The capital has been utilized for setting up the initial team, design & development of technology and early-stage marketing activities. Fixpocket launched the first version of its web portal in April 2017. It consists of more than a hundred categories identified to serve different microservices in the market.

So far, around 17,000 people have enrolled as members of Fixpocket for providing one or more of its 3,500 services. The freelance marketplace has also been able to establish tie-ups with more than 200 corporate enterprises and fulfilled over 2,000 orders since the launch of its website.

Soham Thacker, Co-Founder, Fixpocket said, “Fixpocket was conceptualized by identifying the gap of micro-services in the freelancing market. People in India possess a variety of skills but the market lacks a platform for these skills to be publicized and monetized. We have established a special Corporate Management team that reaches out to large and mid-sized companies, educating them about the beneficial use of Fixpocket and how it can help them reduce fixed overheads by outsourcing their work.”

“Fixpocket’s vision is to create an online marketplace where Digital Microservices are offered by Working Professionals & Freelancers at a reasonable & fixed price. These services then can be purchased by Individuals, SME’s & Start-ups who are looking for freelancers or project-based content providers. We have a mission to establish Fixpocket as a brand which is known for its quality services offered at highly competitive prices. We want to develop valued trust amongst all the buyers by ensuring on-time delivery,” added Kaivan Shah, Co-Founder, Fixpocket.

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