Saturday, January 20, 2018

ONE Co.Work’s BlockLabs is India’s First Dedicated Co-Working Space for Blockchain Startups at Koramangala

Unlocking the doorway for blockchain-based collaborative R&D expeditions, ONE Co.Work, an innovation-driven co-working space provider in India, has announced the launch of BlockLabs, India’s first dedicated co-working space for blockchain-related startups. Himanshu Bindal, the Founder and CEO of ONE Co.Work, is one of the most ardent proponents of blockchain technology in the country and a founding member of Blockchain Foundation of India (BFI). With this move, Himanshu and ONE Co.Work aim to further bolster the thriving eco-system and allow blockchain-based startups to access a conducive environment ripe for innovation, collaboration and networking.

ONE Co.Work has earmarked twenty percent of its seats for blockchain-related start-ups at its state-of-the-art co-working space in Koramangala. The facilityhas several ultramodern features such as sleeping pods and gaming lounges in addition to essential services needed by today’s emerging startups. ONE Co.Workwill also be organising an event “Setting the Roots of Blockchain Technology in India: Launch of BlockLabs” in association with BFI (Blockchain Foundation of India) and Kryptomoney to mark the launch of the first dedicated co-working space for blockchain-related startups in India.

Setting the Roots of Blockchain Technology in India: Launch of BlockLabs” has witnessed engaging panel discussions, networking sessions, and knowledge sharing sessions by keynote speakers on diverse topics associated with the bourgeoning space of blockchain technology. The event alsoobserved, participation of renowned authors, entrepreneurs, and other prominent personalities that are a part of the blockchain community of India, including the couple who has accepted Kryptocurrency in their wedding gifts.

Himanshu Bindal, Founder and CEO, ONE Co.Work said, “Blockchain is a promising technology that has the potential to completely revolutionize the current business ecosystem. The technology, which virtually is still in its embryonic state, has helped yield proof of concepts for across-the-board applications that range from the financial world to logistics and even public policies, and its use cases are increasing with every day that passes. With BlockLabs acting as a catalyst, our aim is to drive more innovation towards blockchain and enable budding entrepreneurs of India to become leaders inthe emergent technology on a global level.”

Bangalore is one of the hottest international hubs of innovation and is hailed as the world's second-fastest growing startup ecosystem. The city is home tobudding entrepreneurs and tech start-ups well-versed with the most advanced technologies. As a matter of fact, the cityis home to the largest section of IT professionals acquainted with blockchain technology. Through the launch of its dedicated space in Bangalore, ONE Co.Work aims to spur blockchain development in the region, and later carry it forward to other tech hubs in India.

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