Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Newest Fintech Entrant Achieves Rs 100 Crore AUM Within 3 Quarters

One of the newest entrants into the ever-booming Fintech space,, achieved an impressive AUM of Rs.100 Crore within just eight months of being operational.
In line with its core philosophy of “Happiness is a great investment strategy”, was launched on the International Day of Happiness on March 20,2017. 

Founded by Amar Pandit,CFA , is a Goal Based Financial Planning solution that provides users with a personalized solution to bridge the financial gap between their aspirations and current reality. helps them achieve their financial goals through a world class client experience. Since their launch in March 2017, has more than 1,500 registered users.

The past year has seen a plethora of Robo-Advisory platforms hitting the market, but Amar believes that it is their insights about delivering happiness, unparalleled client experience and personal care of clients that sets them apart. 

He says, “For us ‘Personal Finance’, is always more about personal than it is about Finance. Our solution tries to connect with a client at an emotional level by making them think about what is really important to them. This is done by giving our customer’s clarity on what they are really looking for and what their goals are. Through our goal based process, we make the customer think deeply, which translates into an emotional and trusting relationship.” is also building a partner network to expand its reach. For Amar, it’s not just about the technology. He says. “I believe that relying solely on technology isn’t enough to help people make prudent money decisions or help manage investor behavior in tough times. There is a need for some human touch as well.” He believes in a ‘Hi-tech, Hi-Touch Hybrid Model’ as it not only adds trust to the platform, but also guides people to invest in the right way and most importantly stick to a disciplined path of investing over one’s lifetime. has got phenomenal appreciation not just from Indians but also NRIs, global product executives and opinion makers from the US Wealth Management industry.
Looking ahead, the founder and his team remain positive about hitting their next milestone of Rs.200 Crore of assets under management soon. 

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