Wednesday, October 6, 2021

worxpertise And Uniphore Partner To Offer AI-Powered Business Solutions To Enterprises

worxpertise, a global digital business solutions company today announced a strategic partnership with Uniphore, a leader in Conversational Automation to provide intelligent business solutions to enterprises. The partnership will enable worxpertise to implement Uniphore’s platform for clients in India, Australia, New Zealand, and the US. 

Under the agreement, worxpertise will deploy Uniphore’s interaction analytics solution, U-Analyze, for client contact centres to drive agent performance and transform customer experiences with rapid solutions derived from real-time insights. Using Uniphore’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities, worxpertise’s clients will have access to quality monitoring of and listening to 100% of customer conversations, deliver smarter quality management, drive compliance, boost revenue and reduce customer churn. 

worxpertise will also offer additional solutions from Uniphore’s platform, including AI powered intelligent conversational self-service options, real-time assistance for agents during and after-call with automated actions such as summary creation and call categorization to lower the average handle time (AHT); and provide frictionless and ongoing agent veriÿcation. 

This partnership is in line with worxpertise’s focus on deploying emerging technologies to serve its clients and help them attain a competitive advantage in a dynamic business environment. worxpertise is a true digital transformation partner and provides a comprehensive solution to clients across various industries using its deep domain expertise. worxpertise designs, implements, and operates intelligent solutions as per the unique requirements of clients. worxpertise selects the most suitable technology, creates a robust business case and a solution roadmap which brings together various critical elements such as technology, data, process and organizational change for the client. 

Ultimately, worxpertise maximises customer lifecycle value for its clients by focusing on transforming the four key business phases – run (driving cost reduction and operational efficiency); grow [customer experience (CX) and customer acquisition]; change (process transformation and technology) and protect (customer retention). 

Rajiv M Gupta, MD and Founder, worxpertise Group commented, “We are excited to partner with Uniphore to bring intelligent contact centres to our clients. An AI-powered contact centre delivers extraordinary customer experience every time and, ultimately for our clients, enhances the customer lifecycle value. We have always focused on creating strategic business advantage for our clients, and from that perspective, this partnership is a natural fit. Apart from transforming the customer experience, our clients will be able to derive multiple benefits, including better ROI and growth in revenues. Uniphore’s comprehensive technology platform will enhance our portfolio of enterprise solutions and services.”

Gokul Gopalakrishnan, Business Head, Asia, Uniphore said, “The rapid changes in today’s business landscapes have brought on increased need for innovative CX capabilities, and an urgency to act on customer demands in real-time. It’s imperative for contact centres to adopt technology that provides real-time insights and solutions for customers, reducing agent workload while increasing their efficiency. Our partnership with worxpertise will address these needs for its customers enabling frictionless customer experiences.” 

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