Thursday, December 17, 2020

Heart-Warming Christmas Celebrations at the Orion Mall in the City

As the cold spells of December sets in, Orion Malls are gearing up to deliver the heart-warming Christmas vibes that it is known for. Right from the lavish decor to eye-catching arrangements, the auspiciousness of the festive season will be on full display at the mall. Coupled with the sound of carols in the air, the sight of Santa and other characters from Christmas lore, the mall aims to bring people together in a way that’s most meaningful this time of the year.  Along with this awe-inspiring ambience, live musical performances will be adding to the festivity in a grand fashion. So in essence, a bountiful and joyous celebration awaits all-comers at Orion Mall at Brigade Gateway, Orion Avenue Mall and Orion Uptown Mall.

“Continuing the tradition we’ve been following for years, we want to make this Christmas celebration as memorable as possible. We want every single customer to take away something from the experience that will make this Christmas a special memory for years to come. We took extra care to ensure that the overall presentation at the mall represented the nostalgic and uniquely poignant character of the festival, down to even the minutest details. Also, we want to make the proceedings as inclusive as possible, even for those who aren’t exactly privy to the traditions surrounding Christmas. At the end of the day, everyone should walk away feeling that the spirit of Christmas added a profound sense of joy and togetherness in their lives. And I think we’ve done our job in setting the scene for that to happen “says Mr. Sunil Munshi, Associate Vice President, Orion Malls.

About Orion Mall

A world-class mall in every facet, the iconic Orion Mall at Brigade Gateway is Brigade Group's flagship mall venture and has won every accolade and prestigious award bestowed by the most recognized industry associations in India. This premium mall set high standards across construction, architecture, consumer experience, and marketing; and quickly established itself as the benchmark among its peers. Spread across 8.2 lakh square feet, with every detail of a rich modern retail environment woven in, Orion Mall at Brigade Gateway is a true game changer in the mall industry.

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