Thursday, September 27, 2018

Murata Exhibiting Smart Factory Automation Solutions at Electronica India 2018

Murata, a global leader in the design, manufacture and sale of ceramic-based passive electronic components & solutions, communication modules and power supply modules, announced today that it is participating in Electronica India 2018, South Asia's leading international trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications, beginning today.

During the three-day event, Murata is showcasing its cutting-edge sensor, communication and power technology products and solutions, which enable enterprises in the industrial and automotive sectors to migrate seamlessly to Industry 4.0 through adoption of IoT. The Murata booth is also presenting products and solutions for smart-factory automation, which is expanding the demand for smaller devices with improved reliability and data processing.

“Murata aims to develop new business together with its Indian partner-customers, including by supporting smart-factory automation, in response to government initiatives to increase manufacturing and efforts to increase process efficiency for factory automation,” stated Choi Yong Suk, Managing Director of Murata Electronics (India) Private Limited.

1.    Low Power Wide Area (LPWA)

Murata is displaying communication modules incorporating LPWA communication standards, which combine extended-range data transmission and decreased power consumption. From process management to logistics and warehouse management, LPWA technology offers diverse applications for smart-factory automation.

2.    Predictive Maintenance with Vibration Sensor Node and Gateway*
Murata offers a small IP65-rated device for monitoring vibrations and surface temperatures in critical rotating machines and other industrial machinery. An embedded processor in the sensor node sends data wirelessly via a gateway. The wireless vibration sensor node and gateway support signal measurement, data provision, etc. for diagnostic purposes and predictive maintenance, such as early detection of machine breakdown, reduced engineering labor and maintenance costs, minimized downtime, and improved operational reliability and worker safety.

3.    Work-In-Progress Monitoring with RFID Technology
RFID technology will play a major role in future smart factories, enabling devices to communicate in real time via radio waves with manufacturing systems hosted on the cloud. Murata offers solutions for smart factories, logistics and human management that connect things in factories (products, production equipment, etc.) to the Internet for higher industrial efficiency and new business creation. The exhibit is presenting cases of these solutions being used with passive RFID products (tags) in smart factories.

4.    Assets Tracking with BLE Mesh Solution*
This Murata solution is an indoor positioning system that uses Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) radio waves for location identification and flow-line analysis in indoor environments such as factories and warehouses. The BLE tag transmits radio waves periodically to track both assets and workers. Murata’s unique receivers capture the transmissions and forward them to a gateway through the company’s BLE mesh multi-hopping solution. Murata’s SyCloud calculates each tag position based on information from the gateway. Murata’s uniquely simple wireless system is easy to install, another benefit for factory environments.

*Sold in Japan but currently unavailable in the Indian market

Murata is also exhibiting its team of demonstration robots, The Murata Cheerleaders. The popular robots incorporate the company’s latest sensor, communication and highly advanced group control technologies, which reflect the endless possibilities of electronics, including technologies for improved automotive safety and other smart-city applications.

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