Thursday, June 21, 2018

HowToTellYourChild a Positive & Preventive Way to Keep Children Safe from Sexual Abuse

News reports from around the world including India are an evidence to the fact that child abuse is a global problem. Every School, Apartment, Home & community centres like malls need to feel responsible for Child Safety. HowToTellYourChild (HTTYC), founded in Bangalore in 2014 has developed a compelling program to build increased awareness among parents, communities. HTTYC content has both few and paid models that address topics as child sexual abuse prevention and also has a puberty model for girls and boys which helps them look at themselves positively.

Today HTTYC has visitors coming from 40 countries. HTTYC has worked for schools and communities from Vietnam and China by translating its content in Vietnamese and Mandarin and are currently working on translating the Child Safety Module content in Hindi & Kannada. HTTYC also has partnerships in Nigeria and Hong Kong.

Besides the above UNFPA in Vietnam used HTTYC videos for their social media outreach to which have received an overwhelming response. HTTYC gave its content to UNESCO & Women’s & Child Museum in Hanoi. HTTYC is also working with UNESCO in trying to bring its child sexual abuse prevention education module to schools in Vietnam.

Said Deepa Kumar, Founder, HowToTellYourChild, “ it is overwhelming to see the response we have received for our content from all over the world. From a Montessori teacher in Mexico using it in her school to Vietnamese National TV broadcasting our content every day. It makes me proud to see the difference we are making, we have over 150 schools around the world that use HTTYC content.” She further added, “it would be a dream come true if education system make our content mandatory for teachers training as well as make it a part of the school syllabus to educate and make the children aware about their safety.”

“Establishment and growth of a bootstrapped start-up is no less than a herculean task. It takes a lot of everyday grind, hustles, and work-pressure, but the success achieved by the hard-work is the most rewarding one, especially impacting people and businesses positively with your work. Achieving your targets while working out of your comfort zone gives a great opportunity to learn, create, grow and expand a business successfully“, said Pratik Jain, Co-Founder of

Jain further added, “When was kickstarted in 2016, the main hurdle was to find customers without investing in marketing. During the initial phase working with minimum salaries and fewer resources, forced the team to look for better marketing ideas. The search led to the conclusion that conversations work. Sharing ideas, talking to people and networking led to the exposure of the company and the quality product with best services helped to attain success.”

The angel investor Sumit Jain was greatly influenced by the customer-centric approach of and the growth aspects with future potential galvanized him to invest in the expansion of the company. Jain said, “ is truly the start-up of the new generation. Of all the investments I have done, this is a unique and talented team. These young fellows are simple, creative and really smart. I love the tech they are creating.”

Furthermore, the investor and mentor, Sumit Chabbra praised the start-up business model of and said, “The kind of traction this small team had generated without any investment was amazing. They continue to keep their clients happy and there's nothing better than that. The dedication at work and their belief in the product is phenomenal.”

An idea that can revolutionize the business world and make an impact is worth trying with a start-up. Investment and VC funding should be used as expansion tools only because bootstrapping in initial phase gives a deep understanding of the work field, target clientele, product/service design and business strategy.

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