Wednesday, April 4, 2018

W Unveils its Spring Summer’18 Collection in Indian Market

W by TCNS Clothing, a premium fusion wear brand, which merges Indian and western sensibilities with an emphasis on distinctive design and styling, recently announced the launch of its new collection Spring Summer 2018 - The INSEPARABLES, a new seamless, unified, fluid fashion that assimilates same colours and tones, similar prints and self-styled coordinates to create a look of perfection.

After the high decibel Festive Drama, it is time to go for a fashion cleanse with a fresh sweep of spring and get back to the basics. Experience the summer inspired modernist range, with quirky patterns, prints and finishes, with new-age styles, elevated by vibrant colours, for a truly shining season. The exciting new collection is going to be spectacular from over-the-top drama to an understated finesse; from a dramatic indulgence to the subtle nuances of a fine Spring Summer. 

This season, W stood up to a new challenge of re-defining Mix-n-Match, re-thinking contrast as the basis of coordinated looks. The brand has combined its core products into one; the bottom wear is constructed solely to complete the look of the top wear, in a way that they become two halves of a whole. These parts have been combined to make for a single infinite look that epitomises perfection - The INSEPARABLES. 

Prints merging into each other, colours extending from top to toe, experience the perfect unison of mixing fabrics and similar tones. Call them twinnings, call them pairings, call them what you will, only do not separate them. Like connoisseurs know the value of perfect Wine and Cheese pairings, our patrons will recognise the discerning choice of pairing these hand-picked pieces together as Inseparable and create a look that our customers can enjoy without another thought. It’s picked, paired and ready for you to carry it with the stylish nonchalance that is your brand.

So leave your cliché’s behind and walk-in with an open mind and fresh style to welcome a brand new Spring Summer with INSEPARABLES.


As of September 30, 2017, ‘W’ had 258 exclusive brand outlets and 676 large format store outlets located across 148 cities in India and five outlets outside India.

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