Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Automation Anywhere Unveils Industry’s Most Comprehensive Global Customer Success Program

Company reinforces its “customer first” commitment with a fully integrated program delivered by the largest dedicated customer success team in the RPA industry

Automation Anywhere, the largest enterprise software provider in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), has announced the formal launch of its global customer success program – Automation Anywhere Plus. This umbrella program combines a wide range of existing services with newly introduced offerings, delivering the most comprehensive set of services and the industry’s largest team completely dedicated to customer success. 

Automation Anywhere Plus will continue to support Automation Anywhere’s Intelligent Digital Workforce Platform, which is the most widely deployed worldwide with more than 930 enterprise customers, and the only platform in the industry with built-in RPA, cognitive and analytics capabilities to provide a complete enterprise solution.

“’Customer first’ is more than the core philosophy that underpins everything we do at Automation Anywhere. It has been the driving force that has shaped our culture, our business practices, our product and our customer services since our founding 14 years ago,” said Rushabh Parmani, Co-founder and Senior VP of Customer Success and Operations. “With Automation Anywhere Plus, we now combine the wide variety of services we offer into one overarching program that ensures our customers experience a seamless onboarding process, the shortest time to value and the organization-wide scalability that is expected from an enterprise-grade RPA solution.”

Industry’s Largest Customer Success Team
To provide round-the-clock support to its community of over 930 customers, Automation Anywhere has put together the largest customer success team in the industry. In addition to 24/7 global customer support, the team offers onsite support and an extensive self-service knowledge-base, created by the industry’s leading RPA experts combined with the knowledge and experience from Automation Anywhere’s global customers.

Automation Anywhere has also dedicated a unit of its global development team to customer support. Known as ‘Customer Success Engineers,’ the members of this team are highly skilled RPA developers who provide on-going support and assistance helping customers achieve bot velocity and scale with unprecedented speed, ease and efficiency.

Customer Success Manager: A Single Source of Truth
Every Automation Anywhere customer has a single point of contact with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who delivers a seamless, unsurpassed experience. The Customer Success Manager handles the end-to-end customer experience – including onboarding, issue resolution, training and product upgrades – ensuring timely responses and providing a single source of truth for the customer. The Customer Success Manager acts as their client’s advocate within Automation Anywhere and their performance is measured by a single KPI – their customer’s satisfaction measured quarterly via Net Promoter Score.

 “Automation Anywhere’s customer success program is top-notch – we’re especially impressed with our dedicated CSM and the experts we’ve worked with on the professional services team,” said Prateek Kapoor, Global Finance Lean Digital Transformation Leader at Juniper Networks. “Knowing we have the 24/7 support we need means we can scale our automation programs even faster and without headaches. We would not be as far along today without the help and guidance of the Automation Anywhere evangelist.”

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