Friday, January 19, 2018

ESC’s IndiaSoft to Bring Over 400 ICT Foreign Buyers from Jan 24-25 to Bengaluru

Experience a world of innovations and explore the avenue of sourcing the best of IT products & solutions for the growth of your enterprise including Mobile Application Services, Cloud Computing, SAAS, Big Data Management, KPO, BPO, LPO, e-security, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Bio Informatics,Engineering Design, Travel, Hotel, Hospitality, Logistics, Transportation, Educational, Pharma, e Governance, and much more under one roof.
The exclusive bazaar will have over 150 Indian IT companies catering a host of solutions with value additions, three dimensional growth in skills, technology and expertise.
The organizers, Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council, (ESC) India’s apex ICT export promotion organisation will host around 400 IT buyers from plus 75 countries converging for business networking and creating a WIN WIN situation by providing a unique business opportunity to both global buyers and Indian exhibitors to interact and forge business alliances, strategic networking, joint ventures, business tie ups. 

Indiasoft 2018 will facilitate building of competencies by providing Indian participants an in-depth understanding about technology, market development and demand dynamics which assists in strengthening their foothold globally. The 16th high tech edition of Indiasoft will be visited by global IT fraternity including Latin America, Africa, CIS, ASEAN, SAARC, North America, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, etc. A truly B2B landmark event which will delight the participants, exhibitors and delegates with its persona and character.

The Indian software industry has brought a paradigm change in the global information technology (IT) landscape in recent years. Among the IT segments, software and services have emerged as the fastest growing sector of India’s exports. India has been instrumental in sharply shifting the fundamentals of the digital economy away from commodities to technology and value added services. Software exports from India have of late drawn significant attention around the world. Many countries are realising that they could considerably reduce their overall project costs by sourcing software from India, which is capable of providing total solutions in a host of sectors of the economy.
To meet the global aspirations of Indian software industry, the Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) has created a brand INDIASOFT, a unique global networking international IT event comprising of both exhibition and conference. INDIASOFT is meant to create awareness about the capabilities and core competencies of Indian Software and Services Industry and to facilitate joint ventures, collaboration and strategic alliances for outsourcing with overseas buyers.
INDIASOFT would sharply focus on major industry segments that require software and services such as Business Services, Communications, Entertainment & IT, Finance, Banking & Insurance, Government & Public Services, Logistics & Distribution, Manufacturing, Oil, Gas & Mining, Retail Businesses, Educational & Scientific Institutions, Travel & Transport, IT Training etc. Therefore, the horizon of doing business at INDIASOFT is fairly well-spread and wide.
Till now, ESC has organized 16 editions successfully in various IT hubs of India. The Council is organizing the 16th edition of INDIASOFT series called INDIASOFT 2018 . Around 250 Indian IT companies will be displaying a world of innovations and plus 400. IT buyers from over 70 countries are expected to visit INDIASOFT 2018 to forge business alliances, market tie –ups, etc. More details are available at the exclusive website

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