Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Atlas Copco Unveils New and More Efficient Compressors, Light Towers

Atlas Copco, a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions and manufacturer of portable air compressors, waterwell compressors and light towers, today launched new products — for the infrastructure and construction sectors.

The products come with unmatched features such as dual pressure, better fuel efficiency, faster and deeper drilling, versatility and lower carbon footprint along with the right ergonomics and inbuilt features to enhance performance. These forward thinking products ensure safer and more productive sites.

In the portable energy business, Atlas Copco launched its new XRX1350 and XRHS650 waterwell compressors. The XRX 1350 is a compact, dual pressure compressor with 365-425 psi, better fuel efficiency, and faster and deeper drilling. The XRHS 650 dual pressure compressor is the latest addition to the medium air range of waterwell compressors for shallow waterwell drilling.

Atlas Copco’s new HiLight V5+ Light Tower offers advanced LED solutions. It is also the safest and most efficient light tower for road construction, airports, hydropower projects, and mining and construction applications. The HiLight V5+ is the product of intensive research in cutting-edge lighting technology.

Atlas Copco has also introduced a total of seven electric compressor models with different pressure and flow combinations which offer 19% faster drilling with 11% less power consumption as compared with other compressors in its class.

Atlas Copco Managing Director Giovanni Valent said, “India is a very important market for Atlas Copco. Our new product launch is a testimony of our continued interest in the subcontinent and is in line with our focus on the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. Our latest portable air diesel compressors, waterwell compressors, electric compressors and light towers are invested with global technology that helps clients to enhance productivity, meet manufacturing targets, strengthen customer delivery, and achieve business objectives in India.”

Atlas Copco strongly believes that manufacturing has emerged as one of the high-growth sectors in India, which has been acknowledged as one of the great manufacturing hubs in the world.

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