Thursday, October 26, 2017

VIP Clothing Ltd Unveils Regal & Frenchie Casuals in Bangalore; Focus on Offline Market in South India to Boost Sales

Premium Men’s innerwear company, VIP Clothing Ltd embarked on a new journey with the launch of VIP Regal and Frenchie Casuals designed to cater to the sensibilities of the Modern Indian man.  The listed company will remain focused on offline market to boost its sales in the country. Presently only 1 percent of its sales comes from online market players like Flipkart and Amazon.

Both collections cater to 2 unique consumer segments. VIP regal is a contemporary classic brand, crafted for the sophisticated taste whereas Frenchie Casuals targets the fashion oriented youth. The collections are designed keeping ‘FIT’ as the most important factor while retaining its aesthetic appeal and was unveiled cricketer and currently a cricket commentator also known as ‘Very Very Special’ – for his initials V.V.S and splendid performance during his tenure, Yogesh Tiwari, CEO, VIP Clothing Limited and Sunil Pathare – CMD, VIP Clothing Limited along with the attendance of more than 450 distributors of VIP clothing ltd. The company official says that south India contributes to almost 49% of the market and would like it to grow further over the years.

Bangalore is one of the most vital consumer market for VIP. The event was held at Sheraton Grand, Bangalore commenced with an interactive session with the distributors followed by a speech by the CMD of the company and finally unveiling of the two premium collection exclusively for the Bangalore market.

“VIP Clothing Ltd is constantly developing products to suit the needs of the modern consumers and the launch of the 2 new collections, VIP Regal and Frenchie Casuals is going to define the brands direction in the coming years. We are bringing international designs and fits while reviving the tone of the brand. As Bangalore being one of the most important market for us, we are launching our new collections exclusively in this regions and aims to strategically maximize the outreach at PAN India level in the days to come. The launch embarks the beginning of a new era in the company’s life,” said Yogesh Tiwari, CEO, VIP Clothing Ltd.

VIP as a company has been at the edge of excellence when it comes to fit, fabric and quality factors. Both our collections are refreshing in terms of design and accustomed to the modernized feel. We have infused different flavors to cater to varied sensibilities of modern man who is not just fashion conscious but also comfort savvy. We hope our customers will love our new offerings like they have always loved our previous ones,” said Sunil Pathare, CMD, VIP Clothing Ltd.

‘It’s a pleasure for me to be associated with VIP as this is one of those time-travelled brands I have grown up with and still have some of the promotional jingles fresh in my mind. It’s an honorable gesture to be a part of the timeline of such a renowned and heritage brand’, said  V.V.S. Laxman, Cricket Commentator and former Indian Cricketer.
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