Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Akshar Unveils Latest Innovation - Flying Bird Yoga - The Aerial Yoga

Akshar Yoga, the top wellness brand which has earned the distinguished reputation of bringing together tradition and innovation in yoga, is creating yet another milestone in its success story by launching a path breaking yoga format- the Flying Bird Yoga, the Aerial Yoga. The latest form of high impact workout invented by the renowned Yoga innovator and entrepreneur, Grandmaster Akshar, was unveiled in a grand event at its Sadashiv Nagar center. Leading sandalwood actor and ardent yoga enthusiast, Puneet Rajkumar inaugurated the event and presented to the fitness buffs, a revolutionary step through Flying Bird Yoga. Adding to the fitness fervor, Akshar Yoga introduced a range of premium quality hammocks on this to ensure provision of the right medium to practice this innovative form of Yoga on.

Using a hammock to arch, curve, bend, turn and twist one’s body into various Yoga postures, Flying Bird Yoga, as the name suggests, lets one develop the flexibility and freedom of a bird as it takes one through a graceful and memorable workout experience. Quite unique to the composition are the 150 plus signature moves and asanas designed by Grandmaster Akshar, which will let a practitioner fly freely in the air with many acrobatic moves while using the hammock for support, continuously challenging the body’s rhythm.

On the occasion, Grandmaster Akshar, Chairman and Course Director Akshar Yoga said, “Yoga is indeed the most ancient form of exercise invented by mankind. However, the beauty of Yoga lies in its flexibility and versatility.  Flying Bird Yoga utilizes this exceptional quality of yoga to provide one with absolute mind-body-and- soul experience without compromising on its authenticity. We have taken absolute care to incorporate the Make in India aspect in its every element.”

Flying Bird yoga tackles the basic fear in men and women. It offers a range of health benefits including greater flexibility, better focus, strengthened muscles, stress relief etc. A great form of exercise for those who suffer from back pain issues, it helps in increasing strength and flexibility by actually lengthening the spine. Reversing the aging process by mobilizing all the joints in the body, the inversions in the exercise increase the flow of fresh blood to the capillaries in the face thereby leaving you with a glowing skin.

Inspired by ‘Made in India’ concept, Akshar Yoga launched one of the finest range of hammocks that are produced in the country. This superior quality product is created with a medical thought and intent to strengthen the core muscles and flexibility of the body. It has been designed with a nylon fabric and limited stretch ability to ensure the stability of the body and a relaxed experience while practicing Flying Bird Yoga. This versatile product has a high tensile strength of 900mpa and strong capacity of withstanding body weight of up to 200kgs. The hammocks are available in Akshar Yoga schools, and very soon on Amazon, in hues of blue, pink, green, white and black.

Bangalore’s passion for fitness and wellness never slows down. With the country picking up an active lifestyle at an aggressive pace, developing a healthy body is on the top of everyone’s priority list today. The proposition turns out to be doubly sweeter if the workout is uniquely designed to delight ones senses. Flying Bird Yoga’s origin is rooted in this philosophy. Developing coordination and agility through full body zero-compression workouts, these exercises prove to be ultimate healers which effortlessly hones the core muscles.

Akshar Yoga academy has incorporated Flying Bird Yoga as a certificate course and comprises of 3 levels-Mach I, Mach II, Mach IIIThis will be available in the Akshar Yoga centers including Sadashivnagar, Sahakar Nagar, Koramanagala and Basweshwar Nagar, Jayanagar and many more.

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