Monday, April 3, 2017

All-New Whirlpool 3D Cool Inverter ACs Now Available Across India

Whirlpool of India, a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation and World’s leading home appliance company, has announced the launch of its most innovative range of Air Conditioners in the Indian market. The new lineup of ACs includes Whirlpool 3D cool Inverter range and Fantasia Inverter, which are at par with the 2018 Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) norms. Whirlpool has also launched its new Magicool AC 5 star range to make energy efficient products available to consumer at entry price points. Whirlpool’s 3D Cool range has been designed keeping in mind the extreme humid conditions in India and the capability to perform during temperature of 52-55 degrees C.

Adding wings to its smart features is the 6th Sense Intellicomfort technology which is embedded with a Smart Intuitive Logic Chip and makes sure that the indoor unit senses the ambient humidity. It is also responsible for communicating with the outdoor unit to modify and adapt the AC operations, thus, resulting in faster cooling and energy savings. The new 3D cool technology is efficient enough to deliver its best even during the extreme weather conditions while delivering energy savings.

According to Kapil Agarwal, Vice President, Marketing at Whirlpool of India, “The Indian market is adapting well to the concept of Inverter ACs. Taking cognizance of this, we have introduced our new range that comes with stabilizer free options and smart voltage compensation logic which can modify operations to perform under wider voltage range of 155V- 264V. We have put our engineering expertise of over 100 years into Air Conditioners to get the best technology in the entire world. During summers, when temperature soars as high as 55 degree Celsius especially in northern parts of India, our ACs with in-built 3D cool technology can take charge and are capable of controlling humidity and providing faster cooling results while saving energy up to 40% and are smarter than just inverter ACs”. The revolutionary range of smart ACs are priced between Rs. 39000 - Rs. 52000 and has up to 10 years of free warranty on compressors.

3D Cool ACs - 3D Cool ACs comes with a powerful performance which works even in the high temperature of up to 550C of temperature. The range offers 3 variants; 3 D cool inverter AC, 3 D cool Xtreme AC and 3D cool AC.

3D Cool Inverter ACs has 6th Sense Intellicomfort technology that can sense humidity and its 3D Cool Technology can calibrate its inverter compressor as per humidity levels to ensure up to 27% of energy savings. Its superior temperature control feature enables the 3D Cool Inverter compressor to reach the target temperature, 40% faster in comparison to other inverter ACs. Not only this, its intuitive logic chip has been designed to adapt to any temperature conditions and give maximum cooling results even at 55 degrees of temperature. The Smart Voltage Compensation Logic modifies operations to perform under wider voltage range of 155V-264V.  It comes with 50% effective HD Filters to assure longer life of AC.

3D Cool Xtreme AC and 3D cool AC from Whirlpool comes with 6thsense technology and in-built smart intuitive chip, which makes sure that the indoor unit, senses the ambient humidity and communicates with the outdoor unit to modify and adapt AC operations ensuring  faster cooling.3D cool Xtreme AC also has a dual fan compressor technology enabling operations upto 55*C. Both the variants come with advanced 4-in-1 filter with Anion shield that can remove 99% of harmful PM 2.5 Pollutants, which ensures removal of allergens and bacteria in air.

Fantasia - Adding to the new range of lineups is the Fantasia Inverter AC and Fantasia hot and cold ACs. Fantasia inverter AC’s, 6th sense inverter technology continuously monitors the room temperature and regulates the cooling to ensure optimum comfort. It also has a HD Filter which is designed to be 50% more effective than normal filters.It comes with smart voltage compensation logic which modifies operations to perform under a wider voltage range of 155V-264.

Fantasia Hot and Cold AChas been designed to work during both summers and winters. Its 6th sense technology continuously calibrates the temperature of the air flow with its dynamic heat system to ensure comfortable heating in winters and quick cooling in summers. It comes with a 100% copper Condenser (Copper connecting kit) and a silent sleep mode for comfortable sleeping. The complete range has been inspired by the World Series design which can add a touch of class to any room by quietly blending with the décor.

MagiCoo - Third in line is Whirlpool’s MagiCool Split and Window ACs. Both the AC comes with Advance MPFITechnology which uses a unique circuit design for a rapid heat exchange and results in Turbo cooling capacity andhigher power savings.MagiCool split ACshas 6th Sense Fast Cool Technology which provides instant and uniform cooling when AC is switched on. The 5 star range of MagiCool AC can efficiently save more energy without compromising on cooling. It comes in 4 sleep modes and 5 year warranty on the compressor.

MagiCool window AC comes with the advantage of enhanced energy savings. Its 6th Sense, Energy saver technology automatically adjusts cooling depending on the room temperature. It also has a Self Diagnosis feature, which can monitor and self- diagnose any malfunction. It also monitors the room temperature and maintains the optimum level of cooling to ensure good sleep.

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