Thursday, November 3, 2016

Manipal Healthcare Eyes Expansion with Chain of Manipal Fertility Clinics Across India

Healthcare major Manipal Hospitals today announced the launch of Manipal Fertility, a chain of world-class fertility clinics across India. The announcement was made in the presence of Bollywood star and former Miss Universe Lara Dutta, along with Dr. Vasan S.S, Chairman, Manipal Fertility and Dr. (Capt) Sandeep Sharma, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Manipal Fertility.
With an investment of approx. Rs. 100 crore, Manipal Fertility is eyeing an exponential growth in the next five years in India. Manipal Fertility currently has 9 state of the art centers across 5 states and looks towards expanding its footprint across multiple geographies in India and abroad. The expansion strategy will include both brownfield and greenfield modes of growth. The company aims to offer the highest quality assisted reproductive services while addressing fertility and conception-related issues in couples as also looking at Men’s Sexual health as a key focus area.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Lara Dutta said, “Erratic lifestyles and stress is increasing the rate of infertility in India. People are slowly coming forward and accepting the need for assisted reproductive services to conceive. Such a scenario calls for the expertise and sensitivity of a brand like Manipal Fertility that understands the needs of distressed couples looking for state-of-the art treatment under one roof. I sincerely congratulate Manipal Hospitals and Manipal Fertility for bringing expert medical professionals and quality treatment closer to those in dire need and hope.” 

Commenting on the launch of Manipal Fertility, Dr. Vasan S.S,Chairman of Manipal Fertility said, “India has four times as many infertility patients compared to the United States and male infertility is on the rise reaching almost 50%, largely impacted by lifestyle changes, high stress levels, lack of physical exercise, and environmental pollution to name a few. While our objective is to grow in numbers, our aim is to also reach out to as many people and offer the best-in-class treatment with a right mix of technology. We have come a long way when we first began with the concept of Manipal Ankur and with Manipal Fertility we wish to take our commitment towards our patients a notch higher.”

Treatments for both female and male infertility is a feature remarkable to Manipal Fertility. Manipal Fertility has pioneered new treatment options for men with very poor or zero sperm count and women with repeated pregnancy loss and multiple failures in assisted reproductive techniques. This is being achieved by introducing cutting edge technologies in the form of flow cytometric sperm and DNA analysis, advanced fertilization ability tests, embryo quality improvement tools like embryoscope and pre-implantation genetic screening(PGS) and implantation window assessment technologies. Manipal Fertility has also focused on Men’s health by pro-actively providing solutions for erectile dysfunction with shockwave and stem cell therapy. Backed by a team of renowned specialists with track record spanning several decades, the centre has several success stories to its credit. 

Manipal Fertility is at the forefront of preventive screening and is constantly focusing on developing technologies as a part of Men’s health to detect cardiac risk (heart attack) early, especially in diabetic and hypertensive patients. This is the absolute need in India considering we are the diabetic and hypertensive capital of the world and Indians being highly prone to sudden cardiac death syndrome.

Dr. (Capt) Sandeep Sharma, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Manipal Fertility said, “We are extremely delighted to bring to you the new avatar of Manipal Fertility that will offer comprehensive services to couples wanting to undergo assisted reproduction. With the availability of right treatment and latest technology, coupled with a little patience and compassion, conception is no longer a problem. Our a vision lies in offering the joy of parenthood to people struggling with infertility, with key strengths in quality control, patient centricity, quality assurance and the latest technology.”

Studies reveal that 10% of the general population suffers from some form of infertility.  Given that India has a population of over 1.2 billion, the number of Indians suffering from infertility is huge. 46% of the couples who landed up at infertility clinics belonged to the prime reproductive age group of 31 to 40. Of them, 49% had already undergone IVF or in vitro fertilization, a treatment for infertility. The new and enhanced Manipal Fertility comprising of Embryologists, Andrologists, Gynaecologists, Infertility Experts/Counsellors that offer innovative and cutting-edge technology and customized and evidence-based treatments for couples.
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