Thursday, November 3, 2016

iRelief Mobile App Now for Blood, Ambulance During Emergencies

Patients and their relatives in need of blood need not get panic henceforth. They could know the availability of blood just by tapping their mobile phone. iRelief, a city-based firm has developed an app, which gives you information about availability of safe blood during your time of emergency. The government has joined hands with iRelief for this socially relevant project.

Many patients do not get blood on time during emergencies. Their relatives virtually run from pillar to post to get the blood. Lack of a system which provides comprehensive information about the availability of a blood is the long-felt need of the healthcare system. iRelief has taken up the responsibility to fill this gap.

iRelief has entered into an understanding with blood banks in the city to get information on the availability of blood. iRelief provides you accurate information on the type (group) of blood you can get from a particular blood bank, through its app. All you have to do is to download iRelief app from Google play store and install it on your mobile phone. Apart from giving you information about the blood availability, the app also allows you to put a demand for a specific type/group of blood, which will be delivered to you at your place. The app also has a data bank of blood donors. The moment you place an order for a unit of blood, iRelief alerts the voluntary donors. The identity and privacy of the donors is guarded while providing you the service.

Ambulance on app
Apart from providing information on blood availability, iRelief app also allows you to book an ambulance quickly and easily. The app enables shifting the patient in the nick of the time to the hospital so as to ensure availability of emergency medical treatment and save the life. iRelief provides you with well-equipped ambulance in the shortest possible time and ensures the patient reaches the hospital as quickly as possible. The relatives of the patients can even monitor the movement of the ambulance on the app.

iRelief also works as a link between pharmacists and consumers. It contacts the pharmacy on the advice of the doctor or the consumer. If you are unable to purchase medicines, the app facilitates door delivery also.

Thus, with iRelief you can avail of medical services from your house, at the tap of your mobile phone.  You can also get access to laboratory tests, caregivers/nurse service, medical equipment on hire through this app. It facilitates medical advice over email or phone and reminds you of the time when the patient has to take medicines. You can leave instructions in your own voice to the patient on this app with pictures.

With a wide gamut of services that facilitates access to emergency medical service to patient care, iRelief app will verily be a boon for patients. It is a multiutility app which ensures timely medical assistance and comprehensive medical care.
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