Thursday, November 10, 2016

Digitization of the Indian Legal System the Urgent Need of the Hour, in collaboration with iSPIRT Foundation, conducted a conference on “Digitization of the Indian Legal System”. The event which was held at KSCA Auditorium, discussed the need for digitization and newer concepts such as eNotary. As seen with Aadhaar, digitization brings about simplification of legal formalities, cost-effective and convenient methods to get legal work done.

During the event, unveiled a new technology that enables notarization of documents electronically. The proposed eNotary solution will verify a person’s identity by utilizing a combination of Aadhaar based authentication and uses video/audio recorded interview. With the eNotary system attestation, authentication and verification of legal instruments can be done remotely.

The present legal system in India is marred by pendency and it hasn’t evolved from traditional methods as we are highly dependent on paperwork rather than opting for a more digital approach where the entire legal space gets digitized. Digitization of the legal space therefore becomes the need of the hour.

Speaking on this occasion Mr. Prabhuling K Navadgi, Additional Solicitor General of India,
said “This is a phenomenal initiative and a great way to examine the digitization of legal system in India. The concept of eNotary is very appealing and the concept can be further extended to digitize court records, property and document registration procedure in the country and can be considered keeping in mind the preventive measures against misuse”

Sr. Advocate of the Supreme Court of India, Sajan Poovayya was quoted as saying “With e-government initiatives continuing to transform the nature of our interactions, an enquiry into the probable role of technology in aiding a well-functioning judicial system, as is necessary to keep up with the demands of modern democratic society, is definitely well-advised and well-timed. The cascading effect, which would result from a sincere adoption of information technology, including digitization of records, electronic authentication and the use of electronic media, will most certainly go a long way in ensuring access to a more transparent and accountable justice system."

Ashok Kadsur, Co-Founder of said “We are aiming at bringing about a significant change to the Indian Legal System by simplifying Legal with Technology. Onceapproved by the Government, the eNotary initiative will be one of its kind as it would help the masses get notarization done in abstensia without them having to run from pillar to post.”

While the current system is functional, it lacks convenience and order at times and that there is need to pave the way for technology to take over traditional methods throughout the country and not limit it to few cities alone.

In the conference held by in collaboration with iSpirt, such issues were addressed and effective mechanisms to eliminate impediments in the way of digitizing the legal space was debated upon.

Several prominent personalities were in attendance to speak on the selected topic. The key speakers of the day were -
     Hon’ble Shri. T. B. Jayachandra , Cabinet Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs, Higher Education and Tumkur District In-Charge.
     Shri. Prabhuling K Navadgi, Additional Solicitor General of India.
     Shri. Sajan Poovayya, Sr. Advocate of Supreme Court of India.
     Shri. Kishore Mandyam, Co-Founder, DAKSH Society of India.
     Shri. Sanjay Khan Nagra, Policy Expert, iSPIRT Foundation.

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