Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Arunkumar Jadhav Appointed VP of Engineering at HackerRank

HackerRank, a company has announced the hiring of Arunkumar Jadhav as the Vice President of Engineering. In his new role at the company, he will be responsible for scaling up HackerRank’s engineering division.

An engineer at heart, Arunkumar brings over eleven years of experience in software development, applying transformative digital solutions and a knack for building robust and scalable products. He joins HackerRank most recently from FreeCharge where he was the Associate Vice President of Engineering. Arunkumar was one of the first developers who bootstrapped FreeCharge at Bangalore. He played a key role in growing FreeCharge to one of the largest digital payments brand in India which culminated in one of the biggest tech acquisitions. Prior to his stint at FreeCharge, Arunkumar worked with a wide range of groups at Amazon such as Payments Platform, E-Commerce and Amazon Appstore.

"HackerRank has disrupted the tech hiring space and established itself a pioneer in the ecosystem. My goal is to continually improve and scale our industry-leading platform so that every developer in the world can access HackerRank to learn, compete, and ultimately to get hired. The platform has been set, now we need to make it more robust," said Arunkumar Jadhav, Vice President of Engineering, HackerRank

"Arunkumar’s deep domain knowledge and experience will help us perform better as a company." Companies want the best talent, but they are simply not using the right approach to find and hire talent. There is no dearth of skilled engineers around the globe and it is our mission to change the way companies hire technical talent," said Harishankaran Karunanidhi, co-founder and CEO of HackerRank.

HackerRank a pioneer in technical recruitment, provides a platform for software developers around the world to hone their coding skills, compete in coding challenges, and ultimately get hired by the best companies. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, VMware, Adobe, Facebook, LinkedIn etc, use HackerRank to source, screen, interview, and hire software engineers.

LinkedIn recently partnered with HackerRank for their LinkedIn Placements initiative. The standardized test for any tech job on LinkedIn placements is done on HackerRank, which makes HackerRank tests a benchmark for hiring top programmers.
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