Saturday, September 10, 2016

Now An Mobile App to the Rescue of Diabetic Patients in South India

An App to help the diabetic patients who can get assistance through video clinic. Yes. First video clinic of South India for Bariatrics will be launched by Tulip’s Bariatric and Diabetes Surgery Centre. This will help patients to get expert advice and consultation on finger tip.

Highlight of this video clinic is that this pioneering “Connected Care” is combining expertise in healthcare, biomedical devices and information technology to deliver high-quality service and care to patients.

Dr Tulip has been a leader in adopting technology to deliver health care in a better way. With expensive experience of performing obesity and diabetics surgeries during the last 10 years, Dr Tulip’s has now established the first ever surgical center in south India, totally dedicated for this purpose. She is now going further to help patient to reach her with ease by establishing a video clinic.

Why this video clinic?
According to the experts, the main challenges that India is facing include lack of trained manpower including doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff which in turn resulted in delayed detection of chronic diseases in time.   Poor monitoring and management of these causing complications and increased need for hospitalization. As a result patients forced to shell more on health care services so much so that they are becoming unaffordable.

Technology to the rescue: but technological advancement come as a big blessings to the cores of patients now.  These technological advancement will help patients in getting easy access to doctors from the comfort of home, an online Health Record, reduce complications and cost, save time and money and convenience and comfort. 

TODS is a centre par excellence for long term weight loss solutions and diabetes remission. One of its kind in south India dedicated to the care of India's dreaded enemy -Diabetes and obesity which seems to be growing in epidemic proportions. diabetes is a major concern in India and it’s high time we address it on a broader  platform not only offering control of blood sugar but remission of diabetes. Goal is to give precision care which is possible only because we are concentrated approach. Create awareness about diabetes remission via a surgical approach - a step forward in avoiding long term complication related to diabetes.

Instead of a multi thronged approach to treat obesity and its associated comorbidities like hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, amnesia, joint pains, GERD, infertility, using bariatric surgery as a single solution to treat multiple problems.

Unless we have stand-alone centers dedicated to the management of diabetes and obesity surgery, we will never be able to stress upon the necessity of insurance to be made available to this very large segment of health care in society.

 SG a very innovative surgery which came up as a first step to a two stage procedure for weight loss surgery in the super obese. But this procedure is now done as a stand-alone procedure for weight loss wherein the stomach is stapled vertically to create a pouch having a volume of approx 60-80 ml. The resected part of the stomach is removed from the body.

Banded procedures like the banded sleeve gastrectomy and banded gastric bypass are add-ins to the standard procedures of regular sleeve and gastric bypass. A non-adjustable ring of silicon is placed about 3-4 cms away from the OG junction either on the gastric sleeve or the gastric pouch of the gastric bypass. This is done in an attempt to continue the restrictive element of the standard procedure even years after the surgery thus ensuring long term weight loss and avoiding weight regain.

Gastric bypass: indeed the gold standard for weight loss surgery having withstood the test of time in achieving substantial weight loss and maintaining the same. Here, we create a gastric pouch having a volume of 30-40 cc and connect it to the small intestine so that the residual part of the stomach and approx 100cms of the small intestine is bypassed.

Mini gastric bypass: another variant of weight less surgery wherein a long gastric tube is created along the lesser curve and the small intestine is attached to it approx 200-250 cms from the DJ flexure.

Ideal interposition:
This is a novel procedure where a segment of the distal ileum (small intestine) is interposed between the upper part of the jejunum or joined directly to the duodenum.
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