Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella to Democratize Artificial Intelligence Globally

As we think about the future of technology, it resides in the notion of intelligence. Microsoft has an approach that’s both ambitious and broad, an approach that seeks to democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI), to take it from the ivory towers and make it accessible for all.“ At Ignite 2016 - Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella outlined the company’s vision of building intelligence across capabilities that span agents, applications, services and infrastructure transform what’s possible for people and organizations.

“Core to our mission to empower every person and organization on the planet is democratizing AI for every person and organization to help solve society’s most pressing challenges,” said Nadella. “To do this, we’re infusing intelligence into everything we deliver — from the agent to applications, services and infrastructure.”

With the growth in the number of mobile and digital devices, and the amount of data generated every day, society is undergoing a digital shift our society is undergoing.  This is also having an acute impact on the business world. Every company in every industry around the world is now being challenged to transform from being an organization that uses digital technology, to being a digital organization.

The announcements at Ignite, spanning security, productivity, intelligence and the cloud, will make it easier for IT professionals to drive digital transformation throughout their organizations. These include:

Democratizing AI - For every person and every organization
Microsoft’s four-pronged approach on AI and how it is pursuing this bold ambition to democratize AI for all.

Partnership with Adobe
In addition, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen announced that Adobe is bringing its Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure and making it the preferred digital marketing solution for Dynamics 365 Enterprise. Together, the two companies will enable businesses to dramatically strengthen their brands through solutions with Microsoft Azure, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

5 Industries Being Transformed by Big Data and Machine Learning in the Cloud
A year into its release, Cortana Intelligence has had big impact on customers across healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial services and government and other industries. The range of creative solutions that Microsoft customers have come up with, to address their business needs, has been very impressive.

 Applying intelligence to security and compliance in Office 365
Given the explosive growth in data production, IT is tasked with securing a volume of corporate data that is growing exponentially. To stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape, companies need the ability to analyze and learn from that data in order to identify, intercept and respond to threats. Office 365 now provides unmatched security intelligence to help customers protect, detect and respond to threats. 
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