Monday, August 22, 2016

Job Opportunities to Over 40,000 IT Tech Engineering & Freshers Across the Country?

There is a big challenge  - Out of over 1,50,000 engineering students, who graduated in last year from colleges across India, 80 per cent of them were deemed 'unemployable' by India Inc. How does one ensure that engineering students and fresh engineers are able to showcase their capabilities in getting the job done? Some of them are lucky enough to get into a 'branded' college and get placed from campus… but most are not. TechGig Code Wizards  - India’s biggest recruitment drive for final year Engineering and MCA students is set to change this by providing job opportunities to over 40,000 freshers across the country.

The sustainable competitive advantage of any business is its people – their passion, dedication, ability and creativity in applying their knowledge to come up with innovative solutions. With a highly volatile environment, evolving technologies and challenging market conditions, hiring the right people with the correct capabilities is critical. And if companies need more out of a candidate, they need to look for more in a candidate. When it comes to hiring engineering talent today, evaluating his “tech quotient” is a must. Tech Quotient is possibly the largest, tangible and most robust benchmark of measuring the competency level of a candidate as on date and has been used by nearly 90% of the Indian IT Industry to assess the competencies of millions of Techies. 

"Tech quotient measures the ability of a technology professional in the application of their knowledge in the work place rather than the knowledge itself. It also removes bias of institute, location and education grades," says Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy, Times Business Solutions.

Tech Quotient is a uniquely designed algorithm that allows coding competency evaluations across multiple languages. It is a highly credible measure that tests the capability, coding proficiency and knowledge application ability. Tech Quotient has been used by all IT Giants who work in India including Amadeus, Accenture, IBM, Microsoft, HCL, Sapient, Oracle, Intuit, Persistent, Cisco, Infosys, GE Digital, TCS, HP, Cognizant, Intel, Fiserv and Amazon just to name a few.

Tech Quotient forms the backbone of the, India’s largest platform for IT professionals, and allows employers to assess a techie's individual merit and ability to apply his knowledge, irrespective of his work experience, designation, previous employers, degrees, qualifications or past institutions. 

Industry recognized Tech Quotient allows TechGig to successfully conduct several types of coding contests, skill tests, hackathons and other tech challenges, including India's Largest Coding Contest – TechGig Code Gladiators, bringing all techies on to a common benchmark. This technology is now being rolled out to assess final year students on campuses around India in the TechGig Code Wizards Campus Hunt. helps employers identify and hire the best programmers straight from the colleges through this premium-coding contest Code Wizards. Before you think that Code Wizards is just another coding contest, where a bunch of geeks meet to code for pleasure, here’s more information for your consumption. Code Wizards acts as a serious hiring platform for some of the biggest IT players including BirlaSoft, Sapient, Amazon, Infosys and Iris Software. BirlaSoft shortlisted as many as 1,145 candidates from Code Wizards 2015, followed by Sapient (650) and Amazon (515).

Explaining how Code Wizards acts as a hiring enabler for tech companies, Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy at Times Business Solutions, shares, "Code Wizards brings everyone, despite their geographic location or academy, onto an even platform and uses Tech Quotient to give a fair and unbiased judgment of their ability to apply their knowledge in real world situations as a technology professional. Over 25 top IT companies will be using this particular event to screen and shortlist high performance talent, who may have been overlooked if it were not for this all-India level event."

Going to campuses individually involves large investments in terms of time, manpower and money.  To avoid these challenges, many-a-times, companies focus on just a few 'branded' colleges in prime geographies. This definitely involves lesser effort, but takes them away from a bigger talent pool. On the other hand, candidates in remote parts of the country also loose on their chances of getting hired.

Being an online coding contest, the Code Wizards platform reaches out to the programmers in the remotest parts of the country, to ensure that hiring companies can reach out to the deepest regions and get the best talent from across India, irrespective of their geographic proximity to their future employers.

Companies like Amazon, who have used Code Wizards, think that it is a powerful platform that eases campus-hiring activity. Rajendra Prasad, Talent Acquisition Lead at Amazon, shares his experience of Code Wizards 2015. He says, “We have leveraged Code Wizards in few of our campus hiring activities. Code Wizards has immense database of colleges and students with associated rankings and ratings. This was helpful in prioritizing from a recruiting standpoint. The team from Times was extremely helpful in following up and updating the status to the campuses and students. The entire activity was well managed by them. We would continue our association with Code Wizards.”

Adding to it, Suhail Akhtar, Head of Development at IG Infotech, says, “ provides a great platform for online assessment of programming talent. The Pan India reach of the Code Wizards contest helped us in hiring fresh graduates without having to visit individual campuses.”

The latest edition of the coding contest, TechGig’s Code Wizards 2016, is going to see over 25 top IT Companies screen and shortlist students from over 100 Campuses across India. Final year Engineering and MCA students can click here ( to get an opportunity to be hired by the biggest IT companies in the country.

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