Tuesday, July 12, 2016

HDFC Red Platform Help Customers Identify their Real Estate Preferences on Desktops & Smartphones

HDFC RED, a home search and discovery portal by HDFC Ltd, has launched its new platform, both on desktop and smartphones, with an ambition to become the preferred ‘Real Estate Destination’ and transform a home seeker’s online and offline experience. The all new HDFC RED unifies its unparalleled domain expertise, data sciences, other related technology and the home seekers ‘real’ preferences to provide unbiased guidance through the journey of finding their kind of place.

The HDFC RED platform now hosts the ‘Priority Search’, a well-researched and logically crafted tool that compels home seekers to prioritize their preferences. This action leads the users to view properties in an order indicating the extent of relevance, with results personalized to each user. Each property has a relevance score and feedback mechanism, which is tailored as per the priorities identified by the home seeker. The Priority Search thereby helps home seekers to discover their preferred homes faster & with significant ease. The gamified interface and the card design architecture further aid the user in receiving seemingly complex information in a much more simplified way, while offering an immersive and an interactive experience.

Speaking at the launch of the platform on desktop and smartphones, Renu Sud Karnad, Managing Director, HDFC Ltd, said, "Our consumer behavior research of online homebuyers revealed that most of them end up being buried under heaps of information within minutes of their search and despite the large pool of properties presented to them, more often than not, the options do not come close to fulfilling the criteria of a ‘dream’ home, resulting in unsatisfactory experiences. In order to ensure our users an added level of immersion, we elevated our offering by adding meaningful technological innovations and design to the core of our application. 

Innovation is crucial to simplify the complex in real estate, and we believe that progressive technology applications introduced along with streamlined design will ensure a hassle-free experience to our users. With a fresh outlook, HDFC RED aims to give home buyers complete and unbiased guidance that helps them take informed decisions.”     

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